Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Arthur DentProtagonist.
 L. ProsserAn "only human", carbon-based bipedal life form - ape descended.
    Bypasses - Device that allows people to dash from Point A to Point B.
 Ford PrefectHitchhiker pretending to be human. Trapped on Earth for 15 years.
    Betelguese - Ford's home system.
    Orion Beta - A star system.
    Janx Spirit - An alcoholic beverage that depresses telepsychic power.
2   Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Best drink according to The Hitchhiker...
    Encyclopedia Galactica - Standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom, before the Hitchhiker's Guide supplanted it.
 Barman  The bar man of the Horse and Groom. A dignified old man.
3   Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic - A small black device.
    Jaglan Beta - A planet.
    Santraginus V - Planet that is home to marble-sanded beaches.
    Kakrafoon - A desert world. Another planet.
    Beast of Traal - A mind-boggingly stupid animal.
    The Vogons - One of the most unpleasant races in the Galaxy.
 Prostetnic Vogon JeltzVogon Civil Servant. Part of Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council.
    Alpha Centauri - Home to the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council.
4Zaphod Beeblebrox President - Imperial Galactic Government. Ford's "cousin". aka: Phil.
    Damogran - Secret home of Heart of Gold. An arranged planet.
    Easter Island - A small island on the planet of Damogran.
    France - The Heart of Gold island.
    Hooloovoo - A super-intelligent shade of the color blue.
    Damogran Frond Crested Eagle - An animal from Damogran.
 Trillian  Humanoid girl Zaphod picked up. Arthur's friend. aka: Tricia McMillan.
    Heart of Gold - Starship.
5   Megabrantis Cluster - The Political Hub of the Galaxy.
    Dentrassis - An unruly tribe of Gourmands.
    Dentrassi - The best cooks and drink mixers on the galaxy.
    Teasers - A group of rich kids Ford got a lift with to go to Earth.
6   Babel Fish - A device-like creature that translates any form of language.
7   Azgoths of Kria - A race with the second worst poetry in the Universe.
 Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings Creator of the very worst poetry.
8   Bethselamin - A fabulously beautiful planet.
    Alpha Proxima - Sol's nearest stellar neighbor.
9   Poghril - A famine-struck land located in the Pansel System.
10Marvin  The Paranoid Android. A robot.
    Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - Designs and Robots and machines.
12Gag HalfruntZaphod's private brain care specialist.
14   Horsehead Nebula - A vast, dark cloud.
15   Magrathea - Planet that specialized in custom-made luxury planet building. Formerly the Richest Planet before it disappeared.
16Eddie  The shipboard computer.
    Soulianis and Rahm - Twin suns.
17   Nutri-Matic Machine - Machine by Sirius Cybernetics Corporation that dispensed a drink that was almost entirely unlike tea.
21Veet VoojagigA quiet young student at the University of Maximegalon.
22Slartibarfast  A Margathean who designed several planets. Assisted Arthur and Ford.
25   Brockian Ultra Cricket - Curious game that involves hitting people.
 Lunkwill  Soberly dressed programmer. Creator of Deep Thought alongside Fook.
 Fook  A soberly dressed programmer. The creator of Deep Thought.
    Deep Thought - The second greatest computer in the Universe.
 Majikthise  An old Philosopher. The representative of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, and Other Thinking Persons.
 Vroomfondel  Majikthise's colleague. A philosopher.
26Loonquawl  A descendant of Lunkwill who was trained to seek the answer to the Ultimate Question.
 Phouchg  A descendant of Fook who was trained to seek the answer to the Ultimate Question.
 Yooden VranxThe Arcturan Captain.
 Benji  Trillian's mouse from Earth.
 Frankie  Trillian's mouse from Earth.