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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One God Is A Tornado
1Albert The smartest boy at Lincoln Indian Training School.
 Faria A rat.
 BennyBlackwellA Sioux from Rosebud.
 ThelmaBrickmanSchool superintendent.
 OdysseusO'BanionAlbert's younger brother. Aka: Odie.
 ClydeBrickmanThelma Brickman's husband.
 HermanVolzA carpenter.
 LaviniaStrattonMusic teacher.
2VincentDiMarcoA grounds keeper.
 Mrs.PetersonResponsible for feeding the kids.
 DonnaHigh HawkMember of Winnebago tribe from Nebraska.
 BudConradIn-charge of the facility maintenance..
 EmmalineFrostCora Frost daughter. Emmy.
 CoraFrostTeacher at Lincoln School.
 HectorBledsoeA farmer.
 MosesWashingtonOne of the student at Lincoln School. Aka: Mose.
 Ralph Bledsoe's son.
3AndrewFrostCora Frost's husband.
 JimThorpeAmerican athlete.
 Big George A horse.
 MarkTwainAmerican writer.
 RedNicholsAmerican composer.
 GeorgeGershwinAmerican composer.
4Mr.SparksFormer superintendent of Lincoln School.
 MarshallFootOne of the students at Lincoln School.
 Franklin Mrs. Brickman's car.
5MartinGreenHead adviser.
 Mr.FriebergBaseball team coach.
 BillyRed SleeveNew student at Lincoln School.
7SamuelKills ManyOne of the students at Lincoln School.
 Mrs.BledsoeHenry Bledsoe's wife.
10BenjiIron CloudOne of the students at Lincoln School.
   Part Two One-Eyed Jack
12Randolph Owl FliesOne of the students at Lincoln School.
 Lois 1 Randolph's mother.
 ArturoOwl FliesRandolph's father.
 LouiseLeDucOne of the students at Lincoln School.
 AlvinRed SleeveBilly Red Sleeve's father.
 BobWarfordA sheriff.
 Priscilla Ghost in the mirror.
 Babe RuthAmerican professional baseball player.
 Buck Odie's alias.
 BuckJonesAmerican movie star.
13Lloyd A salesman.
14Puff A puffet.
 Henry Abigail's brother.
 Mr.McAdamsHenry's boss.
 Mrs.DroverAbigail's mother's boss.
 Abigail The little girl Odie met in the house.
16Jack A farmer. Aka: Pig scarer.
 Aggie Jack's wife.
 Sophie Jack's daughter.
17FriedaHinesJack's neighbor.
 Rudy Jack's friend.
18Norman Albert's alias.
19Geronimo Mose's alias.
   Part Three High Heaven
21HawkFliesA Sioux. Owner of the land. Aka: Forrest.
22Julia Albert and Odie's aunt.
23Eve Faith healer. Aka: Evie.
 Cyrus A sick boy.
24Emmett Emmy's alias.
 SidCallowayTrumpet player.
25Willis One of Eve's listeners.
 Sarah Willis's wife.
27Pappas A cook. Aka: Dimitri.
 Gregory Piano player. Aka: Whisker.
 IrvinBerlinAmerican composer.
 Mamba A snake.
 Lucifer A rattlesnake.
28Torch  One of the musicians.
 Tsuboi One of the members of the crusade group.
 Cypress One of the members of the crusade group.
 RogerCormanAmerican director.
29LouGehrigBaseball first baseman.
30Roy P.Pfeiffer M.D.A doctor.
 Julius P.Pfeiffer M.D.Dr. Roy's son aka: Julie.
 Sammy Julius' wife.
31Jed Mickey's father.
 Mickey A boy who had a spine problem.
 Lois 2 Man with crutches.
 Gooch One of Eve's patients.
33AimeeMcPhersonAmerican-Canadian evangelist.
   Part Four The Odyssey
35Peter Rabbit Emmy's new puffet.
 JohnnyWeissmullerAmerican swimmer.
38SarahSchofieldPowell Schofield's wife.
 AliceBealPowell's mother-in-law. Aka: Mother Beal.
 PowellSchofieldA farmer.
 Maybeth Sarah's daughter.
 BobGrayPowell's acquaintance.
 Lester Sarah's son.
 Lydia Lester's twin sister.
39EzraHornsbySimon Hornsby's daughter.
 SimonHornsbyEpiscopal Missionary.
 JamieBaldwinMaybeth's friend.
41Amdacha Mose's Sioux name.
45MinnieHornsbyMaybeth's aunt.
46AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. president.
   Part Five The Flats
49GertieHellmanForrest's friend.
 Emma John Kelley's sister.
 JohnKelleyOne of the boys who lived in the flats.
 Mook One of the boys who lived in the flats.
 Chili One of the boys who lived in the flats.
 WoosterMorganGertie's acquaintance.
50Flo A cook.
 Calvin Forrest's brother. Aka: Cal.
 TrumanWatersFlo's brother. Aka: Tru.
 MacCooperOne of Gertie's workers.
51Elmer Former kitchen helper.
 Jugs Former kitchen helper.
 RosieGoldsteinJohn Kelley's mother.
 SimonWeinsteinA doctor.
 ShlomoGoldsteinReal name of John Kelley.
 Esther Dr. Weinstein's wife.
 EvaCohenMrs. Goldstein's neighbor.
 BellaCohenEva's sister.
53MordecaiDavidJohn Kelley's new born brother. Aka: Mordy.
54Edward G.RobinsonAmerican-Romanian actor.
   Part Six Ithaka
58Rowena A woman behind the counter.
 George Random man who Odie encountered.
 Manny George's buddy.
60Monique One of Aunt Julia's acquaintances.
 Mac Dolores's boyfriend.
 Dolores One of Aunt Julia's acquaintances. Aka: Dollie.
61Veronica A cook.
 Rosalee Odysseus's mother.
 ExekielO'BanionOdysseus's father. Aka: Zeke.
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