Characters - Alphabetical
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AntheaAmbroseThe director of the Cherry Tree Home for the elderly.
Dr.AndrewsFlorence and Elsie's doctor.
Mr.BeckettThe factory supervisor.
MissBissellMiss Ambrose's employee.
AlBowllyBritish vocalist.
Ronald DavidButlerFlorence's acquaintance. Aka: Ronnie.
DanCarterGabriel Price's acquaintance.
WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
FlorenceClaybourneAn 84 year-old woman living in an aged care facility. aka: Flo.
JamesCookBritish explorer. Aka: Captain Cook.
DoraDunlopOne of Florence's acquaintances.
EileenEverestFlorence's acquaintance.
MabelFoggCyril's acquaintance.
ClarkGableAmerican film actor.
RitaHayworthAmerican actress and dancer.
GabrielHoneymanA gambler.
RuthHoneymanOne of the Cherry Tree's residents.
VeronicaLakeAmerican film, stage, and television actor.
GlennMillerAmerican trombonist.
GabrielPriceA new resident at the home for the aged.
RoyRogersAmerican singer.
FaujaSinghBritish marathon runner.
CyrilSowterFlorence's acquaintance.
OscarSwahnSwedish olympian.
AlanTitchmarshA gardener.
DesmondTutuSouth African cleric.
Ada Miss Ambrose's aunt.
Agnes Francis' mother.
Albert Elsie's boyfriend.
Alice Cheryl's aunt.
Arthur One of Mrs. Honeyman's acquaintances.
Barbara Simon's mother.
Barry A tour guide.
Beryl One of Elsie's sisters.
Brenda Florence's acquaintance.
Charlie Elsie's father.
Chelsea A shelf-stacker.
Cheryl A hairdresser.
Chris Jack's son.
Clara A factory worker.
Clarice One of Mrs. Honeyman's acquaintances.
Daryl A tattooist.
Denise A receptionist.
Diana Princess of Wales was a member of the British royal family.
Dot One of Elsie's sisters.
Elsie Florence's best friend.
Eric The driver.
Francis Jack's acquaintance.
Frankie Elsie's acquaintance.
Fred Clara's husband.
Gail The woman who owns the hotel.
Gloria A cook.
Gwen One of Elsie's sisters.
Harold Dot's husband.
Isabel Elsie's mother.
Jack An ex-military. Florence and Elsie's friend.
Jean Simon's aunt.
John Simon's father.
Justin A musician.
Lionel The entertainer.
Lorraine A housekeeper.
Natasha One of Miss Bissel's assistant.
Norman Florence's acquaintance.
Rosa A fortune teller.
Sandra Mabel's daughter.
Seth Florence's dog.
Simon A handyman.