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Characters By Chapter
Kimberly Hale
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PRLynetteKettleFounder & managing director Gourmet Brekkie. Aka: Lyn.
 Catriona A marketing executive at Hollingdale Chocolates. aka: Cat.
 FrankKettleA well-known Sydney property developer.
1MaxineLeonardFrank's wife.
 Holden Frank's father.
 CharlieEdwardsMaxine's ex-boyfriend.
 Gemma A primary school teacher.
 Daniel Cat's husband. aka: Dan, Danny.
 Angela Daniel's live-in partner.
 Madeline Lyn's daughter. aka: Maddie.
 Kara Lyn's stepdaughter.
 Rob SpencerA sales director.
 Johanna A girl who has an affair with Rob Spencer.
 Margie An employee.
 Mulvany The most cruel woman.
2Michael Lyn's husband.
 JaneBrewerMichael's ex-girlfriend.
 JoshDesouzaHead-butted by Cat.
 Georgina Kara's mother.
 Joyce Mary A teacher.
3DonPenthurstA retired doctor.
 MaryPenthurstDon's wife.
 Canluccio Gemma's new boyfriend. aka: Charlie.
 GwenKettleMaxine's mother-in-law. aka: Nana Kettle.
 Beverly Gwen's neighbor. aka: Bev.
 Nicole Julie's mother.
 Tom Nicole's husband.
 Marcus Gemma's fiance.
4Annie A marriage counselor.
 Ellis A religion teacher.
 Elizabeth Mary A calculus teacher.
 SammyBarkerOne who got to find Frank's finger.
 Sean Dan's bestfriend.
5Hank Lyn's ex-boyfriend.
  GordonA Geography teacher.
 Suzie Frank's called to the triplets.
 Jimbo Michael's old friend.
6NathanChipmanGemma's student.
 Les Nana Kettle's husband. aka: Pop.
 Bob Les's friend.
9Marianne An employee of Hollingdale Chocolates.
 GrahamHollingdaleA CEO of Hollingdale Chocolates.
 Melanie Dan's only sister. aka: Mel.
 MattHayesKara's friend.
10Judith A religion teacher.
11Rosie Gemma's bestfriend.
 Melinda Rosie's new bestfriend.
12Paul Charlie's friend.
 NanaLeonardMaxine's mother.
14Kerry Cat's acquaintance.
  DalmenyKerry's mother.
15Mary Gemma's teacher.
 Ken Bev's husband.
 Jason Cat's date in the movie.
 Laura A complainant on car accident.
16Liz Marcus's ex-girlfriend.
 Hamish One of Gemma's ex-boyfriend.
17Barb Cat's secretaty.
 Liam Cat's friend.
19Gina Kara's bestfriend.
 Kate Lyn's friend.
 Jack Kate's son.
 Julie Nicole's daughter.
21EmmaHerbertCat's acquaintance.
22Nicki An ultrasound technician.
 Frances Mary Penthurst's sister.
23Olivia A waitress.
 Harrison A name Lyn will give to his son.
25SalvatoreLesleyGemma's son. aka: Sal.
27Sarah Birthday girl.
28George Nana Kettle's new neighbor.
 Pam George's wife.