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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Cecilia   Fitzpatrick   Protagonist. Tupperware consultant.
    Miriam   Oppenheimer   Cecilia's friend who wants to open the letter.
    Erica   Edgecliff   Cedilia's friend who wants to open the letter.
    Laura   Marks   Cecilia's friend who wants to open the letter and read aloud.
    Laura   Sacks   Cecilia's friend who is incapable of making a decision.
    Mahalia   Ramachandran   Cecilia's friend who doesn't want to open the letter.
    Esther   Fitzpatrick   Cecilia's daughter.
    John-Paul   Fitzpatrick   Cecilia's husband.
    Polly   Fitzpatrick   John-Paul's youngest daughter.
    Isabel   Fitzpatrick   John-Paul's eldest daughter.
    Liz   Brogan   A prize-winning poet.
    Dr.   McArthur   Cecilia's doctor.
    Dough   Oppenheimer   Miriam's husband.
    Father Joe   Mackenzie   The Parish Priest.
    Dr.   Kluger   John-Paul's doctor.
    Bridget   Bell   Cecilia's youngest sister.
2   Tess       Will's wife.
    Felicity       Tess's cousin.
    Will       Tess's husband.
    Liam       Tess's son.
    Dirk   Freeman   Marketing Director at Petra Pharmaceuticals.
    Mary       Felicity's mother.
    Phil       Mary's husband.
    Lucy   O'Leary   Tess's mother.
    Marcus       Liam's classmate.
3   Rachel   Crowley   School secretary.
    Rob       Rachel's son.
    Lauren       Rob's wife.
    Jacob       Lauren's son.
    Ed       Rachel's husband.
    Marla   Evans   Rachel's best friend.
    Virginia   Fitzpatrick   Cecilia's mother-in-law.
4   Connor   Shitby   A PE teacher at St. Angela's School.
5   Janie   Crowley   Rachel's daughter.
7   Sister   Ursula   A great nun.
    Penny   Maroni   Cecilia's friend.
8   Eloise   Bungonia   Tess's friend.
    Mrs.   Bugonia   Eloise's mother.
    Sister   Margaret-Ann   A beautiful nun.
    Mary   Jeffers   Polly's teacher.
    Trudy   McDuff   School principal.
    Sister   Veronica-Mary   The old school principal.
    Sgt. Rodney   Bellack   Young police officer.
9   Sam       Bridget's son.
11   Eve       Marla's daughter-in-law.
    Arianne       Marla's daughter-in-law.
    Jenny   Cruz   Marla's friend.
    Mac       A painfully shy man.
14   Dr.   Buckley   Janie's doctor.
    Toby   Murphey   Jackie's husband.
    Jackie   Murphey   Rachel's friend.
18   Benjamin       Connor's nephew.
    Lisa       Benjamin's mother.
20   Little Emily       A scholar of some top university.
23   Harrison       A student of St. Angela's School.
26   Cannonball   Harry   A man who hijacked a train.
30   Daniel       Connor's former student.
    Andrew     Lucy's husband.
31   Teresa       A girl who dated Connor for a while.
33   Antonia       Connor's live-in partner.
36   Marie       Isabel's best friend.
    Laura       Marie's friend.
    Miss   Parker   Kindergarten's class teacher.
    Luke   Lehany   Mary Lehany's son.
38   Samantha   Green   Part-time worker at St. Angela's School.
    Janet   Taylor   Samantha's friend.
    Trish   Whitby   A grubby child.
50   Dr.   Yue   Polly's doctor.