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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1   Libby       Sasha's grandmother.
    Mrs. Tanya   Banks   Nurse at Memorial Hospital. Victim.
    Sasha   Keeton   Protagonist. Victim.
    Kenny   Roberts   Sasha's former classmate.
    Anne   Keeton   Sasha's mother. Proprietress of Scarlet Wench B&B.
2   James   Jordan   Chef at Scarlet Wench.
    Angela   Reidy   Housekeeper at the Scarlet Wench.
    Daphne       Part-time housekeeper at Scarlet Wench.
    Mr.   Berg   Sasha's former boss.
3   Cole   Landis   Sasha's ex-boyfriend. Federal Agent in Violent Crimes Unit.
    Derek   Bradshaw   Deputy and Cole's cousin.
    Mr.   Adams   Guest at Scarlet Wench.
    Miranda   Locke   Sasha's best friend in High School. Teacher.
4   Ethan   Reed   Angela's boyfriend.
    Jason   King   Friend of Sasha and Miranda. Owns insurance agency.
    Donnie   Currie   Gym teacher and coach in high school.
6   Liz   Chapman   Waitress at local steakhouse. Victim.
    Cameron   King   Jason's wife.
    Mark   Hughes   Mayor.
11   Mrs.   Chase   History teacher at Miranda's school.
    Mr.   Mattersons   Guest at the Scarlet Wench.
    Mrs.   Mattersons   Guest at the Scarlet Wench.
    David   Striker   Freelance Journalist.
12   Becky   Fisher   Victim.
    Jessica   Rae   Victim.
13   Tyron   Conrad   Detective.
14   Greg       Met Sasha at Charity Function hosted by Mr. Berg.
    Mr.   Ritchie   Guest at the Scarlet Wench.
16   Mr.   Mockerson   Farm owner.
    Vernon   Joan   Serial killer. Deceased.
17   Mrs.   Dawson   In property dispute with the Rogers family.
    Irene       Cole's ex-wife. Teacher.
21   Cindy       Counselor at Miranda's school.
    Tammy       Receptionist at Miranda's school.
        Myers   FBI Special Agent.
        Rodriquez   FBI Special Agent.
24   Bobby   Hughes   Grandfather of Mayor Mark Hughes.
    Cora       Bobby Hughes's sister.
    Victor   Joan   Vernon Joan's father.
25   Mr.   Wilkins   Guest at the Scarlet Wench.
    Mrs.   Wilkins   Guest at the Scarlet Wench.