Characters - Alphabetical
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BruceBartonAn American author.
EdwardBillingsA bank manager.
KathleenBlack-CrossbyGeorge's mother.
NikkiBochekiGeorge's acquaintance from the Unitarian church.
Dr.BoxHoward's family doctor.
HalBroughtonAn audio engineer.
AdieBuddenThe owner of the burned house.
ChristopherColumbusAn Italian explorer.
DanCooperDr. Box's companion. The truck owner.
BetsyCrosbySamuel's wife. George's daughter.
ClaireCrosbyGeorge's daughter.
DarlaCrosbyGeorge's sister.
ErmaCrosbyGeorge's wife.
Howard AaronCrosbyGeorge's father. Aka: Aaron Lightman.
JoeCrosbyGeorge's brother.
MarjorieCrosbyGeorge's sister.
Mr.Da VinciA polymath.
KennerDavenportThe reverend.
JimmyDrizosHoward's friend from A&P.
PrinceEdwardGeorge's pet.
MeganFinnHoward's 2nd wife.
LadyGodivaHoward's new horse.
Mrs.GreenleafOne of the church members.
NathanielHawthorneAn American author. Gilbert's classmate.
Mr.KresgeGeorge's acquaintance.
LittleLeroyThe cabin boy.
JackLevansellerThe horse seller. A farm owner.
HarryMillerThe manager at The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company.
EzraMorellRay's father.
RayMorellGeorge's best friend.
Mr.NewtonAn English mathematician.
Mr.PotterThe coffin-maker.
RafeSandersEd's companion.
J.TSaundersThe display shop owner.
EdTitcombThe man who found George in the middle of the forest.
GeorgeW. CrosbyA guidance counselor and mechanical drawing teacher. Protagonist.
Buddy Howard's dog.
Charlie One of George's grandsons.
Cullen Howard's supplier.
Eddie A bank teller.
Gilbert The hermit. Howard's customer.
La Rose The mother of the drowned child.
Melish The person whose hair Howard cut.
Nana George's wife.
Noddin George's great grandmother.
Red Sabbatis's companion and housemate.
Russell Howard's cat.
Sabbatis An Indian fishing and hunting guide.
Samuel One of George's grandsons.
Sander The store owner.
Ursula Howard's rug.