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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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2Jing MeiWooProtagonist. Copywriter. aka: June.
 An MeiHsuJing Mei's family friend. Joy luck club member.
 GeorgeHsuAn Mei's husband. President and Secretary of the Joy Luck Club.
 LindoJongJune's mother's best friend. aka: Auntie Lin.
 TinJongLindo's husband.
 SuyuanWooJing Mei's mother. A joy luck auntie who lost her twin babies.
 CanningWooSuyuan's second husband.
 Ying-YingSt. ClairSuyuan's friend. aka: Betty St. Clair.
 Jack Auntie Ying's brother. A joy luck uncle.
 Rose HsuJordanAn Mei's daughter.
 RuthHsuAn Mei's daughter.
 JaniceHsuAn Mei's daughter.
 Mrs.EmersonA woman whose son got arrested.
 Mrs.ChanYing's church friend.
 WaverlyJongLindo and Tin Jong's daughter. Chess prodigy.
 Lena St. ClairLivotnyYing's daughter. Harold's wife.
3Popo An Mei's grandmother.
 WuTsingAn Mei's step father. A very rich merchant.
 Nuyer An Mei's mother.
4HuangTaitaiTyan Yu's mother. The woman who forces Lindo to marry her son.
 TyanYuLindo's first husband.
 BigWindLindo's frog.
5Amah Ying-Ying's family house servant.
 Chang-O The moon lady.
 Baba Ying's great aunt.
 HouYiThe moon lady's husband.
7VincentJongWaverly's brother.
 WinstonJongWaverly's brother. Dead from a car accident.
 LauPoWaverly's chess playmate who taught her different chess techniques.
8TeresaSorciLena's neighbor.
 Mrs.SorciTeresa's mother.
9TedJordanRose's husband.
 Mrs.JordanTed's mother. Rose's mother-in-law.
 MatthewHsuRose's brother.
 MarkHsuRose's brother.
 BingHsuRose's missing brother.
 LukeHsuRose's brother.
 ChuJungThe three-eyed God of fire.
10Mr.ChongJing Mei's neighbor. Retired piano teacher.
12HaroldLivotnyLena's husband. A partner at an architectural firm.
 Mirugai Lena's cat.
 ArnoldReismanLena's mean neighbor.
 Robert Lena's friend. Photographer.
13Mr.RoryWaverly's hairstylist.
 MarleneFerberWaverly's friend.
 RichSchieldsWaverly's fiance.
 MarvinChenWaverly's first husband. Shoshana's father.
 ShoshanaChenMarvin and Waverly's daughter.
 LisaLumVincent's girlfriend.
14Mr.ChouGuardian of the door that opens into dreams.
 Wing Rose's new friend.
 Mrs.BerryRose's former teacher.
16Syi WangMuThe Queen Mother of Western Skies.
17YanChengAn Mei's personal maid.
 Syaudi Wu Tsing's son. An Mei's mother.
18CliffordSt. ClairYing-Ying's husband.
20Aiyi Suyuan's old friend.
 Lili Aiyi's granddaughter.
 Yu WangChwunChwun Hwa's twin sister. Suyuan's lost daughter.
 HwaChwunChwun Yu's twin sister. Suyuan's lost daughter.
 WangFuchiThe twins's father. Suyuan's first husband.
 ChingMeiFinds the twin daughters of Suyuan.
 ChingHanMei Ching's husband.