Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Madame   Bernard   Owner of the house.
    Fosalette       The Concierge.
    Monsieur   Le P.   The one who treated his wife shamelessly.
    Jean Albert   Perdu   Book seller. aka: Jean, Jeanno.
    Castor       The cat.
    Che       The blind chiropodist.
    Kofi       The caretaker.
2   Catherine       Former Le P.'s wife.
    Clara   Violette   The young peianist.
    Madame   Boome   Secretary of the famous fortune teller.
    Maximilian   Jordan   Best-selling author. aka: Max.
3   Lirabelle   Bernier   Perdu's mother.
4   Lulu       Boat's name.
    Kafka       Gray tomcat.
    Lindgren       White, long-eared cat.
5   Eric   Lanson   The therapist.
    Sanary       A writer.
    Dupres       Sanary's publisher.
6   Anna       Worked on television advertising.
    Brigitte       Goldenburg's youngest girl.
7   Thierry       The writer.
    Joshua   Goldenberg   Grocery owner.
    Edith       Pug.
    Madame   Gulliver   Registrar at major auction house.
8   Manon       Luc's wife.
    Luc   Basset   Winemaker.
9   Clarissa   Menepeche   One who loved the warrior.
    Arnaud   Silette   Would like to have been alive in the 20's.
    Nadira   Del Pappas   One who loved historical novels.
    Margot       84 year-old widow.
    Liona       A wine store owner.
    Joaquin   Perdu   Jean's father.
    Coco       Jean's good friend.
    Vijaya       Jean's best friend.
10   Victor   Bernier   Toxicologist, socialist, and mayor.
14   Julia       Manon's aunt.
    Daphne       Manon's cousin
    Nicolette       Daphne's cousin.
17   Brigadier   Levec   River policeman.
    Kiraii       Vijaya's wife.
19   Anke       Corinna's friend.
    Corrina       Woman who loved books.
20   Sophie   Marcelline   Divorce therapist.
21   Per David   Olson   Potential Nobel Laureate. aka: P. D. Olson.
    Margereta       A deaf person.
    Gitano       Tango teacher.
22   Salvatore   Cuneo   Stone stroker.
    Marie       Daughter of an old blacksmith.
24   Javier       Zelda's husband.
25   Vivette       Cuneo's loved one.
27   Elaia       Javier's daughter.
    Zelda       Javier's wife.
    Leon       Elaia's brother.
29   Samantha       President of the Cuisery's Book Guild.
35   Brigitte   Bonnet   Owner of Le Petit St. Jean's house.
    Miaow       The Manon's cat.
36   Gerard   Bonnet   Brigitte Bonnet's husband.
    Fleur       Margot's first child.
    Gil       Man who lost his son.
37   Pauline       Andre's wife.
    Minou   Monfrere   Owner and doyene of the town's bookseller.
            Doyene - a prominent women in a specific field.
    Andre       Pauline's husband.
    Aimee       Singer at church.
    Sulum       Cleaning lady.
    Monsieur   Bernhard   The mayor.
39   Joy       The dancer.
    Victoria       Tractor girl. aka: Vic/Vicci.
41   Tom       The cheerful waiter.
    Mila       Luc Basset's second wife.
44   Arnoul   Morello   Manon's father.