Book Companion Logo  THE LIFE SHE WAS GIVEN
Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1LillyBlackwoodA girl who stayed at the attic dormer for nine years.
 CorallineLivingstonLilly's mother.
  HillmanA doctor.
2Julia CorallineBlackwoodA sole heir of Blackwood Manor Estate.
 Kelly A cocktail waitress.
 Tom A veteran from the Korean war.
 Al A restaurant owner.
 Danny Julia's friend.
 Sheila A waitress of Big Al's restaurant.
3Viktor Merrick's side-kick.
4HowardBlackwoodJulia's father.
 ClaudeMillerA barn manager.
 Fletcher A local veterinarian.
 WallaceCarrCoralline's lawyer.
5Dante A worker at Barlow Brothers' Circus.
 Leon Dante's companion.
 Merrick One who runs the sideshow.
 SydBarlowOwner of the Barlow Brothers' Circus. Merrick's second cousin.
 Glory Viktor's sister.
 Josephine One who runs the cooch show.
7Bob In-charge of the ticket for food.
 Ruby Glory's friend.
 Rosy Ruby's twin sister.
 Alana Mr. Barlow's girlfriend.
 Chi-Chi Alana's dog.
9PenelopeDupreeA talented seamstress and extraordinaire sideshow performer.
  BeniniOwns the snow cone and cotton candy stand.
 Tom Mrs. Benini's husband.
 ElizabethWebbOne who runs the grease joint.
 Zelda A gypsy fortune-teller. Aka: Daisy Hubert.
 Hester Glory's friend. aka: The Monkey Girl.
 Dina aka: The Living Half-Girl.
 Aldo aka: The Alligator Skinned-Man.
 Belinda aka: A Woman With Two Bodies And One Hand.
 Zurie aka: The Turtle Boy.
 Dolly aka: The World's Most Beautiful Fat Woman.
 Mabel aka: The Four-Legged Woman.
 Magnus aka: The World's Ugliest Man.
 Spear aka: The Living Skeleton.
 Stubs aka: The Smallest Man In The World.
 Brutus aka: The Texas Giant.
 Miles aka: The Armless Wonder.
10Blue Venture A famous stud.
 Bonnie Blue A most valuable mare.
11Kristi A pinhead.
 Pepper A mother elephant.
 Jojo A baby elephant.
 Petunia A twenty-four year old elephant.
 Flossie Jojo's aunt. The oldest among the group.
 Cole A caretaker of baby elephant. Lilly's husband.
13Hank Cole's father.
 CeeCee A snake enchantress.
 Pierre A midget who work as a clown.
 Barbara A wife of a rube.
14Samantha A foal.
15Ferdinand Cole's cousin.
 Nathasha A trapeze artist.
 Chloe A tightrope walker.
19John A rube.
 Lynette John's wife.
22Molly An orphaned filly.
25Barnum One of the first showmen to take a collection of oddities.
 Bailey Barnum's partner.
32BelmontStakesA horse bought by Coralline.