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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabriconte
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   Book 1
1Miriam Mokthar's girlfriend.
 NoamChomskyA Muslim Yemeni-American.
 Mokthar (1)AlkhanshaliDoorman. Lobby ambassador. Scion of the Al-Shanan Tribe.
 WalleadAlkhanshaliMokthar's younger brother. Helped Mokthar get job as doorman.
 SayedDarwoushEvent organizer.
 Jeremy One of the even organizers.
 Ibrahim AhmedIbrahimMokthar's friend.
2FaisalAlkhanshaliMokthar's father.
 BushraAlkhanshaliMokthar's mother.
 SabahAlkhanshaliMokthar's sibling.
 KhaledAlkhanshaliMokthar's brother.
 AfrahAlkhanshaliMokthar's sister.
 Fowaz Mokthar's sister.
 Mohamed (1) Mokthar's brother.
 HamoodAl KhanshaliMokthar's grandfather.
 ZafaranAl EshmaliMokthar's grandmother.
 OmarGhazaliMokthar's family friend. The man who lends Mokthar money.
 Maria The Infinity manager.
   The Infinity - The place where Mokthar worked.
 Mr.AgawalWoman who lives at The Infinity.
 JamesBlackburnOne of the oldest residents of The Infinity.
3  Nob Hill - One of the most expensive neighborhoods in the US.
4GhassanToukanMokthar's after-school program tutor.
 AliShaninMokthar's like-minded accomplice.
 Ahmed (1) Toukari's tutoring center disrupter.
 Hatham Toukari's tutoring center disrupter.
7MichaelLiFormer marine. Sales Manager for Honda. Mokthar's boss.
 Rafik Mokthar's uncle.
 Rakan Mokthar's uncle.
8Sitr Mokthar's maternal grandmother.
 Ali Sitr's husband. Mokthar's maternal grandfather.
 Taj Rakan's son-in-law. Ran Sitr's business.
 Andrea Taj's wife.
 Khitam Andrea and Taj's daughter.
 CesarChavezOrganizer of farm workers.
 DoloresHuertaSitr's acquaintance.
 NagiDaifullahA Yemeni-American farm worker.
 MohamedMugaliA man that helped Mokthar.
 Ali AbdullahSalehYemen's president.
 HeshamHusseinChemical engineer. Delegation member.
9JustinChenMokthar's friend in UC Berkeley.
   Book 2
10  Hill Brothers - Built one of the buildings near The Infinity.
 Austin Set up coffee-importing business - Arabian Coffee & Spice Mills.
 R.W.  Set up coffee-importing business - Arabian Coffee & Spice Mills.
 Ali Ibn OmarAl-ShadhiliHoly man who brewed the first coffee.
   Qahveh Kaneh - First coffeehouse.
11AndrewNicholsonOwner of Rayyan Mill. aka: Rayyan.
 Guiliano Teenager converted to Islam on his own. Mokthar's friend.
 Benish Guiliano's wife.
 Saudah Guiliano and Benish's daughter.
 BadaBudanMuslim Holy man. Coffee thief.
 Pieter van denBroecke Dutchman successfully stole coffee seedlings from Mokha.
 Gabrielde ClieuFrench Navy officer.
 Francisco deMelo PalhetaBrazilian army lieutenant colonel.
 Marie de Claudede Vicq de PontgibaudGovernor's wife. Melo's mistress.
13Franz GeorgeKolshitskyYoung man who opened the first coffeehouse in Central Europe.
 JamesFreemanOwner of the Blue Bottle.
 ThomasHuntLed the class in Blue Bottle.
 GracianoCruzThomas's acquaintance. Mokthar's new online friend.
15SatoriKatoJapanese who patented the instant coffee.
 AlfredPeetMan who opened coffee house & caught attention of Starbucks.
 HowardSchultzStarbucks CEO.
16Rafik Mokthar's relative.
 TadesseMaskelaExported Ethopian coffee.
 WillemBootOwner of Boot's Coffee. Mokthar's mentor.
17CatherineBootWillem's wife.
 JacobBootWillem's father.
18StephenEzellWillem's young staff.
 JodiWieserWillem's young staff.
 MarleeBenefieldWillem's young staff.
 GeorgeHowellA famous coffee roaster.
19YassirAl KhanshaliMokthar's uncle.
 FairouzAl KhanshaliYassir's wife.
 CamiloSanchezCoffee expert. Willem's friend.
   Book 3
20Hifdih AllahAl-HubayshiBiggest local trader of Coffee.
 Mohamed (2) Mokthar's uncle.
 Kenza Mohamed (2)'s wife.
 Taha Kenza's brother.
 Yasir Kenza's brother.
 Akram Janitor. Mohamed and Kenza's son.
 Shaykh MohamedNashir Al KhanshaliTribal leader of Al Dakh. Hamood's brother.
 HusseynAl HouthiRebel group leader.
 VincentBootWillem's son.
21LoofNasabA seasoned NGO worker and botanist.
 YusufHamadyAl-Amal Cooperative president.
 YemeniWillemCoffee expert. A mentor.
 TawakolKarmanWon a Nobel during his time.
 MohamedAlemariEvent organizer in which Mokthar is Tawakol's translator.
 AliMohamedHead of Marketing and Sales from a different cooperative.
 MohamedBazelYusuf's right hand man.
 Malik Yusuf's best farmer.
22Nurideen Mokthar's first employee and cousin.
23Dena Mokthar's 6-year-old niece.
 Joel Airport security man.
25AbdoAlghazaliOne of the directors of Smeps.
 ArthurRimbaudYoung French poet. Drug addict.
 Warda Malik's wife.
 Ahmed (2) Malik's son.
 SahbbirZafirThe man who owns the only processing plant in Yemen.
26AliAl-HajryRight hand man of Andrew Nicholson.
 JenniferNicholsonAndrew's wife.
 SeanMarshallAndrew's friend who owns a cafĂ© in Houston.
   Book 4
28CherifKouachiShot 11 people. Said's brother.
 SaidKouachiShot 11 people. Cherif's brother.
 AmedyCoulibalyShot a policeman.
 Mosed ShayeOmarMokthar's acquaintance. aka: Yasin Mohammed Ali Alghazali.
29JeffRathkeState department spokesman.
 MarieHarfState department spokesman.
 SummerHasserMokthar's friend from social media.
30Samir Mokthar's family driver.
 Sadeq Ali's friend. Drives Mokthar to Aden.
 Ahmed (3) Ali's friend. Drives Mokthar to Aden.
32Mokthar (2) Mokthar (1)'s tukayo. Saved Mokthar's life.
35Ammar Man who sent Mokthar to jail. aka: The Man in the Leather.
 AbdulWasrPoliceman. Helped Mokthar.
 Ramsi Mokthar (2)'s friend.
37Mahmoud Mokthar's acquaintance.
 AdelFadhMokthar's tourist guide. Local judge and historian.
   Book 5
39Stephanie Works at Founder's Fund. Helped Mokthar find his investors.
 PeterThielFounder's Fund founder.
 CyanBanisterSpaceX and Uber investor.
 Homera Realtor. A friend of Mokthar's friend.
 Shagun Beautiful Indian woman. Mokthar's roommate prospect.
 JimStaufferThe Infinity resident.
 Jeff Mokthar's roommate.
 Jonathan The Infinity's front desk man.
40SalwaIbrahimIbrahim Ahmed Ibrahim's wife.
 Nick Mokthar's old workmate.