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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1EstherCunninghamMitford's former mayor.
 TimothyKavanaghA retired priest. Aka: Tim.
 Dr.WilsonMitford's doctor.
 CynthiaKavanaghTim's wife.
 Puny Tim and Cynthia's housekeeper.
 Truman Tim's cat.
 AdeleHoganThe Mitford's police captain. J.C.'s wife.
 VanitaBentleyA Mitford writer.
 J.CHoganThe editor of Mitford Muse.
 CootHendrickThe Mitford's town fixture.
 GraceMurphyA Mitford's teacher.
 SisterLouiseGrace's aunt.
 EstherBolickA retired baker.
 Samantha Esther's friend.
 AvisPackardA grocery store owner.
 IreneMcGrawOne of Avis's customers. Lace's friend.
 Winnie IveyKendallA bakery shop owner.
 RayCunninghamEsther's husband.
 LewBoydA mechanic shop owner.
 EarleneBoydLew's wife.
 DooleyKavanaghTim's adopted son. The owner of Kavanagh's clinic.
 LaceTurnerDooley's wife. A painter.
 DoraPughA hardware store owner.
 JackTylerDooley's adopted son.
 HopeMurphyGrace's sister. The owner of Hope's House.
2Charley Dooley's golden retriever.
 Willie The Meadowgate's farmhand.
 HarleyWelchOne of Dooley's workers.
 HalOwenDooley's mentor. Aka: Doc Owen.
 BlakeEddistoeHal's long-time vet tech.
 Amanda Hal's long-time receptionist.
 JoannaRiversA veterinarian.
 HaroldOdomHobie's owner.
 Hobie Harold's terrier. One of Dooley's patients.
 HelenePringleThe French piano teacher.
 LilyFlowerDooley and Lace's housekeeper.
 Chester One of Dooley's patients.
 KimDorsayIrene's sister. Lace's friend.
 MargeOwenHal's wife.
 Pete Jack's bulldog.
 Hoppy Lace's adoptive father. Aka: Grandpa Hoppy.
 Olivia Lace's adoptive mother. Aka: Grandma O.
 SadieBaxterLouella's adopted daughter. Aka: Miss Sadie.
 Bartlett Miss Sadie's trust officer.
3AndrewGregoryThe current mayor.
 Joe JoeGuthrieThe Mitford Police Chief. Puny's husband.
 WandaBassingerA cafĂ© owner.
 LoisBurtonThe manager at the woolen shop.
 FatherBradA priest.
 PercyMoselyA traveler.
 VelmaMoselyPercy's wife.
 Mary EllenMiddletonBeth's mother. Father Brad's lover.
 Lilah The committee head.
 EmmaNewlandTim's former church secretary.
 HaroldNewlandEmma's husband.
 AbeEdelmanTim's friend.
4BethMiddletonLace's best friend. Mary Ellen's daughter.
 PoohBarloweJack's uncle. Dooley's brother.
 Tommy Dooley's best friend.
 Rebecca JaneOwenHal's daughter.
5HenryWinchesterTim's brother.
 KennyBarloweDooley's brother.
 Leslie Grace's best friend.
 Sarah Grace's best friend.
6SammyBarloweDooley's brother.
7ShirleneHatfieldA spray-tan booth owner.
 OmerCunninghamAvis's wife.
 Pete (2) A retired handyman service.
 Margaret Esther Bolick's aunt.
 GeneBolickEsther's husband.
 OtisJamesAvis's long-time worker.
 LisaJamesOtis's wife.
 MarjorieDouglasOne of Avis's regular customers.
 JakeTulleyA car dealership owner.
 TammyTulleyJake's wife.
 JessieBarlowe-LeeperDooley's sister.
 Green A local nurse.
 Homer One of Dooley's patients.
 LucyBowmanDooley's friend.
 Teddy One of Dooley's dogs.
 NurseKennedyA nurse.
9LouellaBaxter-MarshallA long-time resident of Hope's House.
 ShirleneCunninghamOmer's wife.
 Scott Coot's colleague.
 HenryTalbotMitford's priest.
 PaulineBarlowe-LeeperDooley's mother.
 HenryBarloweDooley's brother.
 BuckLeeperPooh's adoptive father.
 Chucky Avis's dog.
 TimmyGuthriePuny and Joe's son.
 TommyGuthriePuny and Joe's son. Timmy's twin.
 SassyGuthriePuny and Joe's daughter.
 SissyGuthriePuny and Joe's daughter. Sassy's twin.
10DannyHershellAn ex-convict.
 AustinTeagueOne of Dooley's clients.
 Redeemer Austin's hound. Dooley's patient.
 Judy The postmistress.
 Etta Julie and Kenny's son.
 Ethan Julie and Kenny's son.
 MinkHershellMink's wife. Owner of Chips.
 HoneyHershellMink's wife. Owner of Chips.
 Chips Mink and Honey's dog. One of Dooley's patients.
11Loretta The egg seller.
 Margaret Grace's cat.
 JayBarringerThe new owner of Lew's Exxon.
 MuleSkinnerJ.C.'s colleague.
 FancySkinnerMule's wife.
 EvaWinchesterHenry's wife.
 Lucille Eva's sister.
12ChooChooJack's dog.
 FryeHickmanA hunter.
 ArtieJohnsonJanette's husband.
 JanetteJohnsonThe pregnant woman that Dooley helped.
13Clyde HenryBarloweDooley's biological father.
 MarcieGuthrieJoe Joe's mother. One of Esther Cunnigham's daughters.
15BilliePopeJohnsie's brother.
 JohnsiePopeAvis's friend from the valley.
 PedroSanchezAvis's friend from the valley.
 MariaSanchezPedro's wife.
 HankGriffinAvis's friend from the valley.
 DonnyBentleyVanita's husband.
17HampFloydThe former Mitford fire chief.
 ClovisBaillieHamp's go-to Santa for the Christmas parade.
 HaroldMincerDannye's husband.
 Dannye LeeMincerHarold's wife.
20James WesleyBarloweJulie and Kenny's baby.
 LindaPopeA doctor at Mitford Hospital.
21BrookeLoganThe woman who confessed to Father Tim.
 BlaisePascalA brilliant mathematician.
22Ivy AmeliaAndersonTommy's grandmother.
 Milton Tommy's grandfather.
 AdrienneMillhouseThe girl that Tommy loves.
 Ned The man who works at Fernbank.
 BoidLewisThe owner of the wagon Sadie and Louella rides.
 LewisYoungThe owner of the wagon Sadie and Louella rides.
 Drew Father Brad's helper.
 Tiffany Father Brad's helper.