Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1CarolynBrockPresident's Chief of Staff. Aka: Carrie.
 LesterRhodesSpeaker of the House.
 DannyAkersPresident's oldest friend. White House counsel.
 JennyBrickmanDeputy Chief of Staff and President's senior political advisor.
 MichaelDukakisDemocrat who ran for President and lost in 1988 (real).
 SulimanCindorukSons of Jihad (SOJ) leader.
2MikeKearnsChairman, House Judiciary Committee. Rhodes protégé.
 GeneralBurkeAt Centcom. (U.S. Central Command)
 NathanCromartieCIA operative. Died in Algeria.
 ClaraCromartieNathan's mother.
3Bach Assassin. A female.
4RachaelDuncanPresident's wife.
 KatherineBrandtVice President. Aka: Kathy.
 JoAnn President's Secretary.
  JacobyA Senator.
 LawrenceGordonA Senator.
 Jonathan L.DuncanPresident.
5DeborahLanePresident's ITP disease doctor.
   ITP - a disease that can lead to excessive bruising and bleeding.
6Elmurod Works for Cindoruk.
 Mahmad Works for Cindoruk.
   Gang of Eight - bipartisan group of 8 US senators.
8AlexTrimbleHead of the Secret Service.
9IsabellaMercadoBach's fake passport name.
10BrendonMohanNational Security Advisor.
 EricaBeattyCIA Director.
 DmitryChernokevPresident of Russia.
 Saad ibnSaudKing of Saudi Arabia.
11RodrigoSanchezAdmiral and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Aka: Rod.
 DominickDaytonSecretary of Defense.
 SamHaberSecretary of Homeland Security.
 Abu-DheeqShabaab's head of military operations.
 Al-FadhlAQAP's military commander.
   AQAP - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
  BurkeGeneral and head of US Central Command.
14LilyDuncanPresident Duncan's child.
16ProfessorWaiteProfessor at University of North Carolins (UNC) Law School.
17CharlesKaneFake name used by President Duncan.
 AmandaBraidwoodRachael Duncan's roomate at Harvard. A disguise expert. Aka: Mandy.
19ChristopherKnightHomeless veteran.
20Nina Former member of SOJ. Augie's partner.
23Augie Former member of SOJ. Nina's partner.
31Ranko Taught Bach how to shoot.
32 DavisSecret Service Agent.
  OntiverosSecret Service Agent.
  JacobsonSecret Service Agent.
35ElizabethGreenfieldActing FBI Director.
37GregMortonCarolyn Brock's husband. Aka: Morty.
 JamesMortonBrock's child.
 JenniferMortonBrock's child.
39AugustasKaoslenkoAugie's full name.
 DavidGuralnickIsrael's Director of National Institute for Intelligence (Mossad).
43PeterEvianVice President's Chief of Staff.
49DevinWittmerCo-chair, Imminent Threat Response Team.
 CaseyAlvarezCo-chair, Imminent Threat Response Team.
51NoyaBaramIsrael Prime Minister.
 VictorChernokevRussian President's father.
52JuergenRichterGerman Chancellor.
56DieterKohlHead, Germany International Intelligence (BND).
 NinaShinkubaNina's full name.
   Exfiltrate - to withdraw (troops or spies) from a dangerous position.
62IvanVolkovPrime Minister of Russia.
64Geoffrey Father of Bach's child.
65TonyWintersMeet the Press host.
80Hagan Works for Cindoruk.
 Levi Works for Cindoruk.
81Christof German Special Forces team leader.
98Lojzik Van driver.
 Hamid Leader of boat group.
122Randy Bach interrogator.
 Catharina D. NinkovicBach's real name.
 Wilhelm F.HerzogBach's brother.
125AndreiIvanenkoRussian Ambassador to the US.