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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1RoryYatesProtagonist. Police at the Texas Ranger Division.
 KevinJonesEx-con. aka: Rip.
 Chelsea Rory's informant. Ex-meth user.
 AnneYatesRory's ex-wife.
4DuncanSandovalMcallen Chief of Police.
5CalvinRichardsAnne's new boyfriend. aka: Cal.
8DeandrePurvisLocal detective.
9JakeYatesRory's youngest brother.
 HollyYatesJake's wife.
 ChrisYatesRory's younger brother.
 HeatherYatesChris's wife.
 Beau Rory's nephew. Chris's son.
 Hal Anne's father.
10FreddyHernandezCounty medical examiner. Rory's high school friend.
11WyattGuthrieDrug dealer. A guy Rory killed.
13CorganGuthrieWyatt's brother.
14DarrenHagarRory's high school friend. Owns a bar.
 JeffWillemsenEditor of the local newspaper.
 PattyBartonAnne's friend. Technical writer.
 Sara BethLanskyRory's first love and high school sweetheart.
20JimHowardSchool quarterback. Sara's student.
23TedCreasyRory's old Waco boss and partner.
26WillowDawesSinger at Darren Hagar's bar.
27BobMundenThe famous quick draw guy.
29Maggie Woman in the trail. Ted's informant.
 Earl A criminal hiding in the trail.
31TrevorGlassDrug dealer.
36MissPeter60-year-old Math teacher.
   Part 2
47Emily Waitress. The woman Carl was flirting with.
 Paul Emily's manager.
50Glen A man from the Mechanic Shop. Cal's old workmate.
 Eli Cal's manager.
52Randy Cal's acquaintance.
55DustyRinkerRory's former football coach assistant.
63Paul Emily's workmate.
65Carol Anne's mother.
72Candy The bar dancer Cal hooked up with.