Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs.BellGifty's teacher.
Max R.BennettA psychologist.
Mrs.CaldwellGifty's neighbor.
MissCindyA lecturer.
Mrs.ClineA deacon at the First Assemblies.
Mrs.FosterGifty's mother's acquaintance.
DanielGentryOne of Gifty's acquaintances.
BillyGrahamAmerican Christian evangelist.
RyanGreenP.T.'s protégé.
Mrs.GreerA librarian.
Peter M.S.HackerA philosopher.
JohnHarvardStatue in Cambridge, Massachusetts of Harvard Univ. founder.
Gerard ManleyHopkinsEnglish poet.
PastorJohnA preacher.
T. M.LuhrmannA contributing opinion writer.
MistyMooreOne of Gifty's acquaintances.
Mrs.MortonMrs. Cline's acquaintance.
BenOkriA Nigerian writer.
R.PadmavatiWorks at Schizophrenia Research Foundation.
Mrs.PalmerA woman Gifty's mother is caring for.
Mrs.PasternackA biology teacher.
Mrs.ReynoldsGifty's mother's acquaintance.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish playwright and poet.
H.TharoorConsultant Psychiatrist.
Mr.ThomasAn octogenarian with an early-stage Parkinson's disease.
Anne Gifty's friend.
Ashley Gifty's childhood best friend.
Bethany Gifty's friend.
Black Mamba Gifty's mother's code name.
Bob A maintenance man.
Brent Nana's acquaintance.
Buddy A golden retriever.
Chin Chin Man Gifty's father's code name.
Colen Ashley's brother.
Ernest One of Gifty's group mates.
Fred A thesis adviser.
Geoffrey Gifty's fellow student in kindergarten class.
Gifty The protagonist.
Han Gifty's lab mate.
Joyce Gifty's aunt.
Justin Gifty's acquaintance.
Katherine Gifty's friend. aka: Kathy.
Katie One of Gifty's friends.
Lisa Pastor John's wife.
Mary Pastor John's daughter.
Melissa One of a church members.
Mike A 67 year old man who was diagnosed with Parkinson disease.
Molly One of Gifty's group mates.
Nana Gifty's brother. aka: Buzz.
Pastor Tom A young preacher. aka: PT.
Raymond A PhD candidate in Modern Thought and Literature.
Sabina A grocery cashier.
Samantha Gifty's roommate.
Steve Katherine's husband.
Tanya Gifty's colleague.
Yao One of Gifty's group mates.
Zack One of Gifty's group mates.