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Kristian Fabricante
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 DmitriShostakovichComposed Leningard.
 MatteoArmstrongJuliet Armstrong's son.
 Mr. BernardPrendergastJuliet Armstrong's boss.
 JoanTimpsonJuliet Armstrong's co-worker.
 CharlesLofthouseA man at the BBC meeting.
 JohnReithA broadcaster.
 LesterPellingA Junior Programme Engineer.
 Beasley A man who wroks in BBC's midland region.
 DaisyGibbsNew Junior Programme Assistant.
 BruceBelfrageThe Newsreader.
 FraulenRosenfeldA German advisor at BBC.
 Mr. GodfreyTobyAn MI5 Officer. aka: John Hazeldine, Toby Jug.
 Mr.MorettiRestaurant owner.
 CyrilForbesFormer workmate of Juliet Armstrong.
   1940 One of Us
 Peregrine GibbonsCase Officer in MI5. aka: Perry, Mr. Nature.
 Mosley A British Union Fascist Member.
 Ludwig VanBeethovenA Composer.
 Mr. MilesMertonWorks for the government / Juliet Armstrong's boss.
 MissDickerAn interviewer.
 MissGilliesAn art teacher.
 ClarissaMarchmontJuliet Armstrong's friend.
 Pamela Clarissa's sister.
 ReginaldApplethwaiteA GPO research station at Dollis Hill.
 RupertHartleyColleague of Clarissa in MI5.
   Here's Dolly
 BettyGrieveAn Old comrades from British Union of Fascist.
 TrudeHedstromThe Originator of Godfrey Toby's Operation.
 DollyRoberts An Old comrades from British Union of Fascist.
 Edith A woman who works on a dress shop.
 Walter Naturalized German who worked at Great Western Railway.
 Victor A Machinist in an Aircraft Factory.
 Mr.GrieveBetty Grieve's husband.
 Dib Dolly Robert's dog.
 OliverAlleynePeregrine Gibbon's boss.
 Halifax A secretary for State of Foreign Affairs.
 Hodges A naval engineer that Betty Grieve met.
 Mrs.PopperWalter's mother-in-law.
   Looking at Otters
 StellaChalmersA woman who gave Juliet Armstrong a transcription.
   Have you met a Spy
 Iris Carter-JenkinsSomeone Juliet worked with
 Ian Alias of MI5 Spy who playa role of Juliet Armstrong's fiance.
 RosamundScaifeJuliet Armstong's mission is to be close with this woman.
 AnnaWolkoffTsar Naval's daughter.
 Dennis Another MI5 Spy.
 Marjorie Mrs. Scaife's niece.
 FlorenceAmbrosePerigrine Gibbons's Spy Agent. aka: Florence Eckersley.
 ElloryScaifeMrs. Rosamund Scaife's Husband / The Rear Admiral.
 BeatriceDoddsMrs. Rosamund Scaife's servant.
 MinervaScaifeRosamund and Ellory Scaife's daughter. aka: Minnie.
 IvoScaifeRosamund and Ellory Scaife's son.
 Wiggins Mrs. Rosamund Scaife's Ancient Factotum.
   Dead Letter Drop
 Wallis The Queen of Windsor.
 LewStoneA Band Singer.
 WilliamJoyceThe Fifth Column Hero.
 Lily Nelly Varga's dog.
   War Work
 Giselle Juliet Armstrong's co-worker and friend.
 MissBouchierAn MI5 Agent.
 Mr.HydeA Dualist.
 AdolfHitlerLeader of Nazi Party.
 Nightingale Mrs. Rosamund Scaife's new maid.
   The Deception Game
 Mrs.TaylorEdith's friend.
   Die To Live
 IvyWilsonAlias of Juliet Armstrong.
 MadgeWilsonAlias of one of the MI5 Agents.
   The Die is Cast
 ChesterVanderkampMan who works at American Embassy in Cypher Department.
 MataHariPerigrine Gibbon's Colleague.
 FranklinRooseveltThe U.S. President.
 Mrs.ShuteTrude's friend.
 JessicaHastieA woman who played the role of the Miller's wife.
   Past Lives - A series about the way people lived in the past.
 MornaTreadwellA Scriptwriter / A friend of the Deputy Director General.
 RogerFairbrotherA member of the cast in Past Lives / Miller's first serf.
 LordGoddardThe Lord Chief Justice.
 Mr. PavelSmithA RAF Squadron Leader / Juliet Armstrong's visitor.
 RalphGormanA member of British Actor's Equity Association.
 AnthonyQuayleAn Actor in Stratford.
 DianaWynyardAn Actress in Stratford.
 PhillipaHorrocksA woman who lives in Old Godfrey Toby's house.
 TimmyHorrocksPhillipa Horrocks's son.
 ChristopherHorrocksPhillipa Horrock's son.
 ValerieHorrocksPhillipa Horrock's daughter.
 NormanHorrocksPhillipa Horrock's husband.
 EllenEckersleyMrs. Florecene Ambrose's niece
 StanleyNattressBetty Grieve's husband.
 HenryTudorKing of England. aka: Henry The VII.
 HenryThe VIIIHenry Tudor's son.
 KatherineOf AragonHenry The VIII's former wife.
 NellyVargaLily's Owner.
 Harry French Detective that Juliet Armstrong has an affair with.
 Mr.FisherA man who convinced Juliet Armstrong to work for him.