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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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    Gerard       Faye's former boyfriend.
    Clara       Gerard's daughter.
    Diane       Clara's mother.
    Miranda       Gerard's best friend.
    Trixie       Diane's dog.
    Jewel       Daughter of woman who lived in Faye's flat.
    John       One of Faye's neighbours.
    Paula       John's wife.
    Lenny       Paula's dog.
    Dale       Faye's hairdresser.
    Sammy       Faye's hairdresser.
    Lauren       Faye's friend.
    Julian       One of the writers in the festival.
    Louis       One of the writers in the festival.
    Mino       Louis's cat.
    Oliver       Julian's boyfriend.
    Marc       Oliver's ex-boyfriend.
    Jane       Professional photographer. Faye's student.
    Tony       Foreman who is fixing Faye's flat.
    Kaput       Tony's friend.
    Pavel       Also fixing Faye's flat.
    Amanda       Faye's friend.
    Gavin       Amanda's former boyfriend.
    Sophia       Amanda's best and oldest friend.
    Dan       Sophia's boyfriend.
    Sheba       One of Faye's students dogs.
    Faye       A writer and teacher of fiction writing.
    Lawrence       Faye's cousin.
    Susie       Lawrence's wife.
    Eloise       Lawrence's mistress.
    Ella       Birgid's daughter.
    Birgid       Eloise's oldest friend.
    Jonathan       Birgid's husband.
    Henrietta       Gaby's daughter.
    Jake       One of Elise's sons. aka: Jakey.
    Angelica       Lawrence's daughter.
    Ben       One of Elise's sons.
    Freddie       Eloise's rich friend.
    Gaby       One of Lawrence and Elise's guests.
    Taffy       Gaby's dog. aka: Tiffy.
    Jamie       Gaby's husband.
    Sam   McDonald   Henrietta's real father.