Characters - Alphabetical
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JosephAddisonAn English essayist.
FredAllenAn American comedian.
JosephAlsopAn American journalist.
EleanorBraceJohn Steinbeck's good friend.
Roark BradfordAn American short story writer.
JuliusCaesarA Former Roman consul.
LewisCarrollAn English writer of children's fiction.
MonsieurCi Git Steinbeck's acquaintance.
Mr.CooperSteinbeck's acquaintance.
Mrs.CooperUlysses and Ignatius' mother.
Robert John CresswellSteinbeck's acquaintance.
GeorgeCusterA United States Army officer and cavalry commander.
JosephDuckworthA colonel in the United States Air Force. Aka: Joe.
NelsonEddyAn American singer.
Dwight D.Eisenhower34th U.S. President.
EdnaFerberAn American novelist, short story writer and playwright.
John C.FrémontAn American explorer, military officer, and politician.
MahatmaGandhiAn Indian lawyer.
JohnnyGarciaSteinbeck's friend.
JohnGielgudAn English actor and theatre and director.
Sam'lHamiltonJohn Steinbeck's grandfather.
Warren G.Harding29th U.S. President.
HerbertHoover31st U.S. President.
Allen P.HugginsA Northern man who had settled in Mississippi after the war.
ChiefJosephLeader of the Wal-lam-wat-kain band of Nez Perce.
John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
Robert F.KennedyFormer United States Attorney General.
Genghis KhanFounder and first Great Khan and Emperor of the Mongol Empire.
NikitaKhrushchevFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
Martin Luther King,Jr.An African American minister and activist
JohnKnoxA Scottish minister, theologian, and writer.
AndyLarsenSteinbeck's acquaintance.
SinclairLewisAn American novelist.
AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
JeanetteMacDonaldAn American singer.
JohnMandevilleAn author.
NelsonMilesAn American military general.
HenryMorleyAn English writer.
RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
ElizabethOtisAmerican poet. John Steinbeck's long-time friend.
MarcoPoloA Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer.
ColePorterAn American composer.
ElvisPresleyAn American singer.
EdRickettsAn American biologist.
Franklin D.Roosevelt.32nd U.S. President.
LyleSaxonA writer and journalist.
Charles ErskineScott WoodAn American author.
WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
JackSooA Japanese American actor.
DoctorSt. MartinSteinbeck's friend.
JohnSteinbeckAn American author.
WillieTrippOne of Steinbeck's acquaintances.
JackWagnerAn American actor and singer.
ThomasWolfeAmerican novelist.
Charley An old French gentleman poodle.
Donna A hurricane.
Fayre Eleyne A cabin boat.
Geoffrey A British cleric. Aka: Geoffrey of Monmouth.
George An old gray cat.
Herodotus An ancient Greek historian.
Homer The presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Ignatius Ulysses' brother.
Joe A good mechanic.
King Arthur A legendary British leader.
Lee A Chinese cook.
Lucille John Steinbeck's acquaintance.
Moctezuma II The ninth tlatoani or ruler of the Aztec Empire.
Neal A hired helper.
Nellie Steinbeck's acquaintance.
Robbie Steinbeck's acquaintance.
Rocinante John Steinbeck's vehicle.
Sitting Bull A Hunkpapa Lakota leader.
Ulysses Eldest son of Mr. Cooper.