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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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    Part I: The Old Bucaneer
1Squire John TrelawneyCaptain. Financed and launched the voyage to Treasure Island.
 David LiveseyA doctor and a magistrate.
    Admiral Benbow Inn - A lodging house Jim's parents owned.
 Taylor  Old gardener.
2Billy BonesFlint's first mate. Man with treasure map. aka: The Captain.
 J. FlintPirate. Buried treasure on Skull Island. Aka: Captain Flint.
 Jimmy HawkinsProtagonist. aka: Jim.
 Mrs. HawkinsJim's mother.
3King GeorgeKing of England.
4Mrs. CrossleyJim's neighbor.
 Pew  Formerly Captain Flint's master surgeon. Now a blind beggar.
    Lugger - A small boat used for fishing or sailing.
5George MerryA pirate. Silver's ally.
 Johnny DirkA pirate who is missing 2 fingers. aka: Black Dog.
 Mr. DanceSquire and Dr. Livesey's friend.
6Dogger  A hostler.
    Part II: The Sea-Cook
1Tom RedruthHawkins's old man guard. Squire's friend.
 Richard JoyceSquire's servant.
 John HunterSquire's servant.
 Blandly  Squire's old friend. Where Squire bought Hispaniola.
    Hispaniola - The ship that Squire bought.
 Long John SilverOne legged cook. Flint's quarter master.
2Harry  A pirate.
 Tom MorganA grey-haired, mahogany-faced sailor.
4Mr. ArrowA brown, old sailor. Silver's mate.
 Alexander SmolettHispaniola's Captain.
 Job AndersonThe boatswain. Likeliest man on the ship.
 Israel HandsFlint's ship gunner. The coxswain. aka: Mr. Hands.
 Barbecue  Hispaniola's cook.
 Cap'n FlintSilver's Parrot.
    The Old Walrus - Flint's old ship.
 Dick JohnsonA pirate.
    Boatswain - an officer on a war ship or merchant vessel.
    Coxswain - sailor who has charge of a ship's boat and its crew.
6   Skeleton Island - Where the treasure is located.
    Part III: My Shore Adventure
3Alan  Killed by the pirates on Skeleton Island.
 Benjamin GunnFormerly part of Captain Flint's crew.
    Part IV: The Stockade
1Abraham GrayA good sailor. Captain Smolett's ally.
    Part V: My Sea Adventure
4 O' Brien Dead man. Mr. Hands's old shipmate.
    Part VI: Captain Silver
4Allardyce  Part of Captain Flint's crew.
 Darby McGrawThe name Flint screamed before dying. His last words.