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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1JubalLittleA politician.
 CorcoranO'ConnorJubal's friend. Aka: Cork.
2EdLarsonA police captain who is in-charged of major crime investigation.
 MarshaDrossA sheriff.
  AzebedoA deputy officer.
 HeidiStegerA waitress.
2DonnerBigbyOldest guy in high school. Aka: Bigs.
 PeterLaPointeCork's acquaintance.
 WinonaCraneCork's crush. Aka: Nona.
 WillieCraneWinona's twin brother.
 LeonardKilldeerWinona's uncle.
 SamWinter MoonCork's good friend.
 VinnieMariucciOne of Donner's companion.
 RayNovakOne of Donner's companion.
3HughParmerA wealthy developer.
Nancy JoMcKenzieCork's wife.
 Jenny Cork's daughter.
 Stephen Cork's son.
 AaronO'ConnorCork's grandson. Aka: Waaboo
 LeonPapakeeCork's lawyer.
 HenryMelouxMember of the Grand Medicine Society.
 RainyBisonetteMeloux's great nice.
4IsaiahBroomWillie's bestfriend.
5LiamO'ConnorCork's father.
  PorterA football coach.
6Dilsey Cork's grandmother.
 GeorgeLeDucA general store manager.
 JubalLittlewolfOriginal name of Jubal Little.
 Chrissy Jubal's aunt.
7CamillaLittleJubal's wife.
 Rhiannon Jubal and Winona's child.
 Walleye Meloux's dog.
8LesterBigbyDonner Bigby's brother.
 Clarence Donner's father.
 RustyBenayA game warden.
9PhillipHolterAn agent in-charged of the BCA team.
 Trixie Cork's dog.
 JudyMadsenA retired school administrator.
 Gorgy Stephen's friend.
10AlfJohnsonOwner of a gas station.
 SarahLeDucGeorge's LeDuc's wife.
11JohnBerglundUS Border Patrol.
 AndyDesjarlaisA bass guitarist.
 GregLeBeauA drummer. Aka: Hoops.
 GloriaAgostinoDonner's date.
 JudyPetermannA cheerleader.
 KenHildebrandtAn assistant football coach.
 CyBorkmanA retired sheriff.
 Mr.GuerreroThe janitor.
13William G.ChesterA hunter.
14KennyYatesCamilla's personal security.
 Alexander JaegerCamilla's older brother. Aka: Alex.
15Arnold JaegerAlex's father.
 Nicholas Camilla's younger brother. Aka: Nick.
16AliceBigbyDonner's mother.
 Colleen Cork's mother.
18Dwight Donner's acquaintance.
20Anne Cork's middle child.
21JohannaSisuA waitress.
 SpencerMcMurphyOwner of a sheep ranch.
 CrandallMcMurphyThe eldest of the McMurphy's brothers.
 Caleb Crandall's brother.
 Beckett Caleb's son.
 Cole The youngest of the McMurphy's brothers.
22Petra Beckett's mother.
23Greg One of the agents.
 JudgeEideThe judge who signed the search warrant.
24Mattie A cat.
 DaleBashamA retired pilot. Aka: Bash.
25Emily Lester Bigby's wife.
 Lance Lester's son.
 Johnny Owner of Johnny's Pinewood Broiler.
27HootyNelsonA mechanic.
 Glory Hooty's cousin.
41ChetCarlsonReal name of William Graham Chester.
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