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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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  1LeonidMcGillProtagonist. Aka: Mr. A. K. Fox.
 MardiBittermanThe detective agency's secretary.
 TwillMcGillLeonid's son.
 DimitriMcGillLeonid's son.
 PhilipWorryLeonid's client. Aka: Catfish.
 LamontRichardsCatfish's great, great grandson.
 PinkyEcklesErnie's relative.
 ErnieEcklesA well-known killer-for-hire.
 PatriceSandovalA well-known marijuana dealer and hijacker. Ernie's target.
 MerleUndermanA hijacker and a drug source. Ernie's boss.
 RexfordBrothersUnderman's police friend.
 ShortyReevesRexford's accomplice.
 PhilThomasOne of Underman's crew.
 MindaMylesPhil's acquaintance.
 BeatriceFitzPhil's mother.
 TimothyLotharLeonid's friend who buys marijuana.
 True  Patrice's friend.
 SheilaNormandyThe waitress.
 Justine PenelopeSternmanCharles's daughter. The next leader of Mayflower.
 Charles AugustusSternmanJustine's father. Catfish's alleged son.
 GeorginaSouleThe Sterman's ancestor who founded a secret club called Mayflower.
 AndrewPrinterCharles's right-hand man. The man Justine is supposed to marry.
 LucindaPitts-SternmanJustine's grandmother. Charles's mother.
 NorfredSternmanLucinda's father.
 Edwina MarlenePittsLucinda's mother.
 ArcherMandellNorfred's butler.
 AliceHeathLucinda's aunt.
 MineretteMandellArcher's daughter.
 ElizabethFalsworthCharles's wife. Justine's mother.
 ErnestineCharlesCatfish's lover. Justine's real grandmother. Deceased.
 Gordo Leonid's friend.
 FoxyDonkThe receptionist at SSSS.
 WolfmanChordFoxy's boss. Owner of a security company.
 LotharioMoranChord's accountant.
 ErnstKahnA policeman. Leonid's acquaintance.
 AntonioAlberghettiThe security in charge of Sternman's wedding.
 Peter A local gangster.
 Feng A businessman from Hong Kong. Chord's former client.
 MarkhamPetersThe man who wants Wolfman killed.
 JessePetersMarkham's son.
 LonnieRudolfThe security expert. One of Wolfman's guys.
 LanaRainierA clinic owner. An emergency doctor.
 AgnesSmallsThe day-time officer at Rainier's clinic.
 DexterLewisA mid-level thug.
 ShermanWaleLeonid's friend.
 Dr.GillisThe hospital head.
 Hush Leonid's acquaintance.
 BugBatemanLeonid's tech expert.
 JordiHooperA gang member.
 CarsonKitteridgeA police captain. Aka: Kit.
 Broadman A police officer.
 SalPerettiA known bagman of drugs.
 ArtGarrityThe most highly-ranked cop in New York.
 NicholasGarrityArt's son.
 ArchibaldLawlessA professional anarchist.
 BillyWrongmanA thief.
 MozelleTotThe PRO leader.
 Player A bad cop.
 Joker Player's partner.
 NikitaMcGillLeonid's brother.
 Bernard SheflyThe gunman who shoots Worry.
 HarryWongThe senior host at Mama So.
 HiltonZealThe man who wants Worry killed.
 Katrina Leonid's wife.
 JacobIndigoLeonid's friend.
 BarbaraCutlerThe Pinta Inn's waitress.
 Linda The receptionist at Alberghetti's security services.
 Ecstasy The girl that Leonid met. Aka: Esty.
 FancyDanThe owner of the place where the Sterman's party was held.
 ClariceBoorlandThe guest receptionist of the Stermans.
 WillieCorbettClarice's boyfriend.
 EstelleTriumphThe woman that Leonid met at the party.
 Shelly Leonid's daughter.
 Israel Ernie's half brother.
 AlbertaJacksonIsrael's wife.
 Mattine HogarthA bus ticket taker.
 MyrtleJenningsErnie's neighbor. Mattine's cousin.
 JeromeEastwoodLeonid's acquaintance.
 DidoKazzA geek moneylender.
 ThomasLivelyCharles's close associate.
 PatrickForemanCharles's close associate.
 MarionLoweCharles's close associate.
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