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Remy Hale
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   Part One Before
Pro  1979
 WinonaGreyA successful attorney. aka: Winnie; Pea.
 Aurora Winona's sister. Aka: Sprout.
 Vivi Ann Winona's youngest sister. aka: Bean.
 Clementine A horse. aka: Clem.
1  1992
 AbelardGreyVivi Ann's great grandfather.
 TravisKittThe ranch handyman.
 Lisa Winona's receptionist.
 KenOtterThe town's dentist.
 MyrtleMichaelianOne of the members of the city councils.
 HenryGreyWinona's father.
 BillDeaconWinona's acquaintance.
 LukeConnellyWinona's long-time friend.
 WoodyMoormanLuke's acquaintance.
 Ursula Winona's client.
 TomCruiseAmerican actor and producer.
 Ricky One of Aurora's children.
 Janie One of Aurora's children.
 TonyGibsonA retired American auto racing crew chief.
 Caroline Luke's mother.
 Ricardo Aurora's husband.
2Laura IngallsWilderAmerican children's writer, diarist, and journalist.
 HollyBruhnVivi Ann's acquaintance.
 GarthBrooksAmerican country music singer and songwriter.
 Sally Travis' girlfriend.
 GeraldBruhnVivi Ann's acquaintance.
3MichellePfeifferAmerican actress and singer.
4Mae Vivi Ann's acquaintance.
 DallasRaintreeGrey's new ranch hand.
 CatherineMorganDallas' acquaintance.
 Bud The bartender.
5TomTrumbullThe ex-mayor.
 DanielDay-LewisBritish-Irish actor.
 EricEngstromVivi Ann's third-grade boyfriend.
 Butchie Vivi Ann's acquaintance.
6MacKenzieJohnOne of Vivi Ann's acquaintances.
 JulieJohnVivi's friend.
 ChristianSlaterAmerican actor.
 Emily Vivi Ann's acquaintance.
 Trayna Vivi's friend.
 WhitneyWilliamsAmerican businesswoman and philanthropist.
 Renegade A horse.
7Dylan One of Aurora's acquaintances.
 Mike One of Aurora's acquaintances.
8FatherMacKeadyA priest.
10WillieNelsonAmerican country musician.
 Mary Dallas' mother.
 Deke Henry's acauaintance.
11Helen A receptionist.
 AlbertBailorA sheriff. aka: Al.
12Noah Vivi's grandfather.
 Noah GreyRaintreeDallas and Vivi's son.
14WilliamTrumanDallas' friend.
 Helen Vivi's acquaintance.
15ElijahGreyVivi's great-grandparents.
 JamesJensenA criminal defense attorney.
 SaraHamnThe assistant processing attorney.
 RoyLovejoyThe attorney assigned to Dallas' case.
 DebraEdwardsThe judge.
 BarneyOlliverA forensic criminologist.
16BobbyShermanAmerican singer and actor.
 MegRyanAmerican actress.
 LauraAshleyWelsh designer of textiles, clothing, and home furnishings.
17Stephanie A receptionist.
 Sam Noah's friend.
   Part 2 After
18  2007
 BillGatesAmerican business magnate and philanthropist.
 NicoleKidmanAurora's personal fashion icon.
 LoriLewisA school secretary.
 Harding A school teacher.
 Eric Jr. One of Noah's classmates.
 Brian One of Noah's classmates.
 Tad One of Noah's classmates.
 RhondaIversA school teacher. aka: Mrs. Eyesore.
 Ronnie The new ranchman.
19CandaceDelgadoEric Jr.'s acquaintance.
 PamEspinsonVivi's acquaintance.
20GiorgioArmaniAn Italian fashion designer.
 MarkMichaelianWinona's new neighbor.
 Cecilia MarieMichaelianMark's daughter. aka: Cissy.
 DemiMooreAmerican actress.
21TomHanksAmerican actor and filmmaker.
 HughJackmanAustralian actor.
 Sybil Mark's wife
22BritneySpearsAmerican pop singer.
23Jeevers The school principal.
25PaulaDeenAmerican cook, restaurateur, author, actress, and TV personality.
 EileenFisherAn Entrepreneur and fashion designer.
 ThadOlssenWinona's opponent.
27AudreyHepburnBritish-Dutch actress and humanitarian.
 HelenMirrenBritish actress.
28Mr.ParkerA science teacher.
29GaryKirschnerA prisoner at the Spring Creek Correctional Center.
 CondoleezzaRiceFormer United States Secretary of State.
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