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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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0  Exposed Foundations
 ZoeNolanThe girl who went missing in 2011.
 KimberlyNolanZoe's twin sister. Aka: Kim.
 FintanMurphyZoe's course mate and friend.
 JaiMahmoodZoe's friend.
 LiuWaiZoe's flat mate and friend.
 AndrewFlowersZoe's boyfriend.
 Gaz/Trev The boy from the indie disco warehouse.
 RobertNolanZoe's father. Aka: Rob.
 SallyNolanZoe's mother.
   Part One Zoe Nolan Was Here
1  Separate Ways
 MichaelAndersonHead of Vocal Studies.
3  Melting Pot
 AlexWilsonZoe's flatmate. Aka: Al.
 SamLimmondAlex's ex-boyfriend.
 LoisBestZoe, Kim, and Liu's flat mate.
4  Dark Room
 Chihiro Kim's bonsai tree.
 JanineMorrisEx-student experience officer.
 HarryFowlesAndrew and Jai's flat mate.
 Mrs. WithersNanny in Surrey.
 AliceHardyPolice Constable.
 RichardFlowersAndrew's father.
 CharlesBarclayAndrew's grandfather.
 √Člodie Andrew's ex-girlfriend.
6  Shadow Man
 HannahDochertyZoe's former tutor.
7  High Notes
 Vladimir Drug pusher. Aka: Vlad, Vlad the Inhaler.
   Part Two The Unusual Suspects
10  Half Midnight
 SarahManningFormer detective constable.
 Connor Fintan's flat mate.
 JohnMarberFire and Rescue Service Watch manager.
 Tariq Jai's friend.
 GregoryJamesDetective Inspector, Manchester Police.
12  Special Relationship
  LipsonFlowers' family lawyer.
15  Heart Attack
 MartinBlackmoreIndependent financial forensics analyst.
16  Unidentified Man
 CarysParryCrimewatch former show producer.
 Patrick Fintan's father.
18  Scream Mask
 DotSheldonCleaning lady.
19  Blood Red
  RobertsOne of the constables.
20  Playing Zoe
 AliceEllisMichael Anderson's ex-wife. Aka: Alice Anderson.
 ChristopherAndersonMichael Anderson's grandfather.
 Louisa Alice and Michael's daughter.
21  Dead End
 ChloeMatthewsThe actor who played Zoe.
   Part Three Zoe Nolan Was Never Here
23  Comedy, Tragedy
 HenriCaronJean Boivin's business associate.
 JeanBoivinBusiness tycoon.
 JulietteDupuisJean Boivin's wife.
 VictorBissetFrench police.
 JacquesMoreauPrison guard.
 AnneMoreauJacques' wife.
 MarieMoreauJacques' mother.
 GaryMatthewsEldest of the Matthews brothers.
 RickyPayneProperty developer.
 Mike One of Gary's brothers.
 Kevin One of Gary's brothers. Aka: Kev.
 LucilleBoivinJean Boivin's daughter.
 ElisePelletierFoster care runaway.
   Part Four Friends Reunited
24  After Life
 MarcusLeeFormer journalist.
 EmmyMossZoe's Angels alumna.
27  Showdown City
 Keith Andrew's boss.
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