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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1ClementineHartA well-known cellist.
 Erika Clementine's close friend.
 Vid Erika's next-door neighbor.
 Samuel Clementine's husband. Aka: Sam
 GabrielFaureA French composer.
 Tiffany Vid's wife.
2Oliver Erika's husband. An accountant.
 Sylvia Erika's mother. A retired nurse.
 Sally Sylvia's new hairdresser.
3Dakota Tiffany's daughter.
 Pam Clementine's mother.
 Harry An old man who lived alone on the other side of Vid.
4Ainsley Clementine's friend.
 Hu Ainsley's husband.
5Ruby Clementine's younger daughter.
 Holly Ruby's sister.
 Gloria Jean Owner of a coffee shop.
 Dean Clementine's ex-boyfriend.
 Lauren Clementine's acquaintance.
 David Lauren's husband.
6Joy Sam's mother.
7Lois Clementine's friend.
 Brian Clementine's brother.
9Barney Dakota's dog who napped like a cat.
12Ashling Dakota's friend.
14Marianne One who gave Clementine an audition advice.
16DianaDixonClementine's schoolmate.
17Paul I Sam's friend.
 Emma I Paul's wife.
19Louise Dakota's aunt.
20Karen Tiffany's sister.
28Emmeline Clementine's friend.
29Ezra Vid's acquaintance.
 Ursula Ezra's wife.
 Lisa Andrew's wife.
 Cara Lisa's daughter.
 Andrew Tiffany's wealthy, old friend.
31Michelle Sylvia's neighbor.
 FelicityHoganSylvia's friend.
32Angelina Vid's first wife.
 Ashok Dakota's friend.
33RobynByrneA school principal.
34Kim A first violinist and manager of Passing Notes.
  WinterbottomClementine's first cello teacher.
 WendyChangA girl who Clementine's teach a cello lesson.
 Nancy A viola player.
 Indira A second violinist.
 GoreVidalAn American writer.
 Helen A school secretary.
  TrentHolly's kindergarten teacher.
38David JonesAustralian upmarket department store.
41Merilyn Erika's psychologist.
 Pat Erika's former secretary.
49Paul II A first-aid education instructor.
53Emma II Tiffany's sister.
 Louise Emma's sister.
58Vince A roving traffic reporter.
 Erin Tiffany's friend.
 EmeraldBlazeAn amazing dancer.
62Kylie A nurse.
63Isabel Ruby's friend.
66Logan Clementine's student in cello.
67SteveLuntHarry's nephew.
69Martin Clementine's father.
70RoxanneSilvermanOne who runs the uniform shop.
73Daniella Sam's ex-girlfriend.
75Adrianna Vid's older daughter.
 Eva Adrianna's sister.
 Elena Vid's daughter.
 Raymond Vid's friend.
 Ivan Vid's friend.
79Jan A first-aid teacher.
 Dale A personal trainer.
83Elizabeth Harry's wife.
 Jamie Elizabeth's son.
 PrimoPaspazMaintenance manager of Sullivans and Sons.
84Lachlan A little boy who removed his shoes in footpath.
87 MortonA pianist.