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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Book 1
1RobertCohnFormer middleweight boxing champion. Star Kelly's star pupil.
 SpiderKellyBoxing coach.
 HenryBraddocksRobert's friend in Paris.
 FrancesClyneRobert's girlfriend in Paris.
 JacobBarnesNarrator. Robert's tennis friend. aka: Jake.
3GeorgetteLe BlancA woman Jake met. aka: Hobin.
 Mrs.BraddocksHenry's wife.
 Lady AshleyBrettSomeone from the club Jake is in love with. aka: Betty.
 Lett Georgette's dancing partner. Tall, white guy.
 RobertPrentissA rising novelist.
4Zizi Greek portrait painter. Brett's friend.
 CountMippipolousIn love with Brett. Zizi's friend.
 MikeCampbellBrett's fiance. Drunkard.
 Mr. AloysiusKirbyJake's close friend.
 Mrs. AloysiusKirbyJake's close friend.
 KatherineKirbyMr. and Mrs. Kirby's daughter who's going to get married.
5Woolsey Jake's colleague.
 Krum Jake's colleague.
6George Barman.
 HarveyStoneJake's poker-dice playmate.
  MenckenHarvey's acquaintance.
7Sommelier Count Mippipopolous's assistant.
   Book 2
8BillGortonNovelist. Jake's close friend.
 MadameLecomteOwner of the restaurant Bill and Jake ate at.
9Ledoux Boxing fighter.
 Hubert Son of the woman Jake met at the dining-car.
11The WineBottle BasqueSomeone Bill drank wine with.
12Bryan Bill's friend. Deceased.
 FrankieFritschBill and Jake's acquaintance.
 BishopManningBill and Jake's acquaintance.
 Wayne B.WheelerBill's old schoolmate.
 Harris An Englishman Jake met at the Inn. aka: Wilson Harris.
13 MontoyaOwner of Hotel Montoya.
 JuanitoMontoyaMontoya's sister.
15PedroRomero19 year-old bullfighter. Jake's acquaintance.
 Don ManuelOrquitoThe Fireworks King.
17Edna Bill's acquaintance. Someone he met at the Bar Milano.
 CharleyBlackmanEdna's friend.
 VicenteGironesA man that was killed by Bocanegra.
 Bocanegra The bull who killed Vicente.
18Belmonte Great bullfighter.