Characters - Alphabetical
Ry Smith
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Bessie Anderson Wife of Mr. Anderson.
Maisie Anderson The Anderson's daughter.
Mr. Anderson
Raymond Anderson The Anderson's son.
Tom Bird Ridgeway's saloon partner. A half-breed.
Rumsey Brooks Negro poet.
Dr. Campbell
Bessie Carpenter aka: Cora.
Edgar Delany His family owned Jasmine and felice.
Mr. Fields Museum curator.
Mr. Fletcher Sell Caesar's crafts. Has underground railroad contacts.
Oney Garrison Cotton grower.
Miss Handler Teacher.
Eljah Landor Educated man with white and black parents.
Miss Lucy Proctor at dormitory.
Lumbly Station agent on the underground railroad.
Manison Leader of the night riders.
Christian Markson aka: Ceasar.
James Randall Owns 1/2 of Randall Plantation.
Terrance Randall Owns other 1/2 of Randall Plantation.
Ridgeway Infamous slave catcher.
Aloysius Stevens Poor medical student and grave robber.
Gloria Valentine Her husband, John, purchased her freedom.
Oliver Valentine Gloria's son.
Joan Watson
Donald Wells Martin Well's father. An abolitionist.
Ethel Wells Well's wife.
Martin Wells North Carolina station agent.
Abraham An old slave.
Ajarry Girl Slave from Africa. Died in Georgia.
Alice A cook.
Amelia Head of the wash house.
Anthony aka: Big Anthony. Escaped and caught.
Arnold A blacksmith and a patroller.
Ava A slave who did not get along with Mabel.
Betty Museum co-worker.
Blake Big slave with intentions on Cora's plot.
Boseman Works for Ridgeway.
Caesar A slave on the Randall Plantation.
Carpenter Grave robber.
Chandler Arnold's son. Head patroller. A bully.
Chester A slave boy. Cora looked after him.
Connelly Slave overseer on Randall Plantation.
Cora Mabel's daughter. A slave.
Edward White boy who attacked Cora. Killed.
Felice Jasmine's mother.
Frances Caesar's friend.
Georgina School Teacher
Godfrey James houseboy.
Homer A young boy and wagon driver.
Howard A co-student with Cora and Bessie.
Isis Museum co-worker.
Jasmine Ethel's childhood friend.
Jasper Escaped slave.
Jimmy Pit Master.
Jockey An old slave.
Justin Another of Royal's associates.
Lindsey From Tennessee.
Lovey Cora's friend.
Lucy Works in the kitchen.
Mabel Cora's mother.
Margaret Slave with throat problem.
Mary Slave prone to fits. Lost 5 children.
Meg Caesar's friend.
Michael Slave boy with a good memory. Now dead.
Mingo West Indian with a light complection.
Molly 10 year old who shared cab with Cora.
Moses A slave and a boss.
Nag Tended to cotton. One of Connelly's favorites.
Noble Tambourine player in musical group.
Pot Another white boy who attacked Cora.
Red One of Royal's associates.
Rida Slave with an odor.
Royal Cora's man. Former conductor. Saved her from Ridgeway.
Sam 25 year old white man. A station agent.
Sybil Molly's mother. A former slave.
Titania Tongue less slave. Works in the kitchen.