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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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PRMarianne Von LingenfelsThe countess's niece-in-law.
 Ernest VonRathGerman diplomat. Victim of an attempted assassination.
 Albercht Von LingenfelsMarianne's husband and former teacher.
 FritzLingenfelsMarianne's one year old son.
 ElizabethLingenfelsMarianne's six year old daughter.
 KatarinaLingenfelsMarianne's four year old daughter.
 ElfieLingenfelsMarianne's AU pair.
 Zeppel Overseer of the state in Silensia. Ardent Nazi.
 Countess Von LingenfelsThe countess.
 Martin C.FledermannStaff officer. Marianne's childhood friend. aka: Connie.
 Greta VonViersdahlGirl politician.
 Benita GruberFledermannConnie's wife.
 Hans Staff officer.
 GerhardtFriedlanderStaff officer.
 TorstenFryeStaff officer.
 SamBeverwilleAlbrecht's guest. Staff officer.
 PietreGrabarekAlbrecht's guest. Pole.
 Lutze Head of police.
 Eberhardt von StrallenChauvinist.
 Missyvon StrallenEberhardt's wife.
 MimiArmacherAlbercht's distant cousin.
 Stollmeyers Man arguing with Gerhardt at the Harvest party.
   Part One
1MartinSchmidtConnie and Benita's som.
 FrauVortmullerPotato-faced woman in charge at the Children's home.
 HerrStulperSupervised the re-education of the kids at the Children's home.
 Liesel S.BartoszGirl at the Children's home. Martin's friend.
 AdalbertSchmeddingGaunt, hollow-cheeked woman.
 Magda Vortmuller's youngest daughter.
 JohannaBartoszLiesel's mother.
3FrauleinBrebelDour leader of Benita's BDM group.
 Lotte Benita's older sister.
 FrauMullmanOwner of a flower stall.
 Frau IlseGruberBenita's mother.
 FrauMeltzerOwner of a pig farm.
 HerbertSchmidtBenita's former lover.
 TorstenFinkenbergBenita's former lover.
4LieutenantPetermanThe man in charge of rebuilding Ehrenheim.
 Herr FranzMullerOne of Peterman's detainees. The guy Benita is in love with.
5GrossmutterVon LingenfelsAlbercht's grandfather.
 Ulrich Albercht's uncle.
 FreddyLedererMarianne's childhood friend. Man who hanged himself.
 FrauGestlerVon Lingenfels's cook.
 Claus Von StauffenbergMan that's going to be executed during the war.
 LudwigBeckMan that's going to be executed during the war.
6JosefKramerThe Beast of Belsen. Psychopath.
 Herr CarstenKellermanCastle caretaker. Ania's new husband.
7IlseKochWife of the commander of Buchenwald.
 IrmaGreseThe sadistic camp guard. Alleged Josef.
 AniaBrandtPietre's wife. aka: Ania Grabarek/Fortzmann/Kellerman.
8AnselmGrabarekAnia's son.
 WolfgangGrabarekAnia's son.
9Gerda Ania's friend.
 Olgar Gerda's son.
 KarlHankeGauleiter of Lower Silesia.
10Gilda Kellerman's horse.
 RolandZeppelThe man who whipped out the Nazi pamphlet.
11GigiFlagstaffBrassy American woman. Connie's mistress.
 MargareteVederlanderGlamorous Berlin girl. Connie's mistress.
 FrauKesslerBenita's neighbor in Berlin.
12Mulman Owner of a bakery.
   Part Two
14HelmutKressingAlbercht's widowed friend.
 Adenauer Elizabeth's new chancellor.
 JohannesKraislerThe man that pulled Benita into an aggressive dance.
15HerrBremerThe former photo editor of a local Nazi paper.
16SignorCarfoloThe International Refugee Organization Official.
 AarneAlverKid from camp.
 LevPulvelKid from camp.
 JannaMassingEha's twin. Kid from camp.
 EhaMassingJanna's twin. Kid from camp.
17ClotildeMullerFranz's daughter.
18HeinrichKohlBenita's former lover.
 KarlJosefBenita's former lover.
 Herr DoktorFortzmannAnia's father.
 RainerBrandtAnia's real husband.
19GeorgBucherConnie's friend.
20FrauMetzgerWoman who brought Ania's cheese.
23MarianneKellermanAnia's new-born baby. aka: Mary.
   Part Three
26FrauRichterThe Fortzmann's cook.
  GudrunAnia's aunt.
  DireckAnia's uncle.
 OttoSmeltzAnia's best friend and neighbor.
27Catherine Nun.
 Anne Marie Co-nun.
28Ulrike Ania's gym partner.
29Baldurvon SchirachReiche's youth leader.
 HeinerMohrerRainer's assistant.
 HerrBeineckeNazi order police.
 GeraldEisenblatt15 year old boy from Essen.
 SisterMargareteA member of the Brown Sisters.
 ArthurGreiserLeader of the warthegau.
30Gertrude Benita's sister.
 GeorgGruberBenita's brother.
 HansGruberBenita's brother.
 SophieGruberBenita's sister.
 GephardtFreiholzesLotte's husband.
 FrauKurtzdorfTown seamstress.
 Trude SchultzWesemanBDM group member.
   Part Four
32Alice Marianne's servant.
 Irena Martin's daughter.
33Gabriel Mary's six year old son.
 Sarah Mary's nine year old daughter.
 Perla Mary's babysitter.
34ClaireWeissThe author of Marianne's biography.
 DoktorSchaefferMarianne's doctor.
36Nicola Fritz's youngest daughter.
 IrmgardTeitelmanEberhardt's daughter.
 MamieKaltenbrunnerMarianne's biography launch visitor.
 PeterWeberMarianne's biography launch visitor.
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