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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1   And Baby Makes Three
 Vivian HamiltonRussell's wife. aka: Viv.
 Russell GreenWorked at an advertising agency. aka: Russ.
 London  Vivian's daughter. aka: Pumpkin.
 Marge  Russell's older sister.
 Liz  Marge's partner.
2   In The Beginning
 Rob  Vivian's boss.
 Jesse PetersRussell's boss.
 Melissa AndersonTransferee student from Mississippi.
 Mrs. HartmanMelissa's teacher.
 April  One of Melissa's friends.
 Tommy HarmonOne of Melissa's friends.
 Angela  Russell's high school girlfriend.
 Victoria  Russell's college girlfriend.
 Emily  Russell's ex-girlfriend.
 Carly  Russell's acquaintance.
3   And Then What?
 Walter SpannermanBusinessman.
 Harvey  Vivian's cat.
 Todd HenleyRussell's co-worker.
4   The Summer Of My Discontent
 Gladys  Russell's mother.
5   Changes
 Rachel JohnsonOne of the vice-presidents at Spannerman Properties.
 Mr.Sprinkles One of London's hamsters.
 Mrs. SprinklesOne of London's hamsters.
6   Mr. Mom
 Bodhi  London's friend.
 Miss HamshawLondon's dance instructor.
9   The Past Is Never Quite Past
 Joey TagliereLawyer. aka: Bulldog.
 Adrian  Joey's ex-girlfriend.
 David  Emily's ex-husband.
10   Moving Forward
 Carl WorthingtonCar dealer.
 Thurman  Senator.
12   Bad Weather On The Horizon
 Peggy SimmonsRussell's acquaintance.
 Tracey  Marge's roommate.
14   Shock
 Danny JacksonRussell's close friend.
 Joe  Russell's uncle.
15   One Day At A Time
 Melanie  Vivian's assistant.
16   The Sun Also Rises
 Marguerite  One of Emily's friends.
 Grace  One of Emily's friends.
 Jess  Emily's sister.
 Dianne  One of Emily's friends.
 Brian  Jess' husband.
17   Moving Forward And Backward
 Alexandra  One of London's classmates.
 Molly  One of London's classmates.
18   It's Not A Date
 TomGregory One of Russell's former fraternity brothers.
 Claire DeVaneTom's wife.
 Liam RobertsonOne of Russell's former fraternity brothers.
20   Autumn
 Jenny  London's classmate.
22   The Eye Of The Storm
 Claude BarnesA gallery owner.
23   No
 Dr. Kadam PatelOncologist.
EpiMark  Russell's employee.
 Tamara  Russell's employee.