Characters - Alphabetical
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Jennifer Aronson Haller associate.
Preston Borders Murderer, rapist.
Harry Bosch Retired LAPD detective.
  Brody Addict. Bad actor.
Elizabeth Clayton Addict with star tattoo on hand.
Lance Cronyn Preston Borders attorney.
Jerry Edgar Old Bosch partner, LAPD.
Mrs. Esquivel Esquivel Sr.'s wife.
Jose Esquivel Jr. Esquivel's son. Also a pharmacist.
Jose Esquivel Sr. Pharmacist.
Cecil French City attorney.
  Gooden Coroners investigator.
Mickey Haller Bosch's lawyer and half brother.
Jamie Henderson Actress friend of Danielle Skyler.
Dr. Efram Herrera Owns Palomina Pain & Urgent Care Clinic.
 John Houghton Judge and veteran jurist.
 Charlie Hovan Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) expert.
 Officer Jerrico At San Quentin.
 Alex Kennedy Deputy District Attorney, LAPD.
 Tak Kobayashi District Attorney.
 Able Kornbloom Assistant DA. Head of CIU.
 Bella Lourdes Detective, San Fernando Police Dept.
 Oscar Luzon Detective, San Fernando Police Dept.
 Amanda Margot Actress friend of Danielle Skyler.
 Lt. Gabe Menendez At  San Quentin.
 Roger Mills Lawyer.
 Oleg Novaschenko Dimitri Slucheck's boss. Located in Minsk.
 Vicki Novotaney Borders murder victim.
 Ted O'Connor Airport official.
 Lucas J. Olmer Rapist.
 Richard Pittman Judge. Ordered DA to split generic material.
 David Ramsey LS Times staff writer.
 Domenic H. Reilly Bosch's undercover name.
 Ron Rogers A shark.
 Lauren Sachs Private investigator.
   Sanders Coroners investigator.
  Santos Head of drug ring.
 Frankie Sheehan Bosch partner at LAPD on Skyler case.
 David Siegel Bosch's father's law partner.
 Danny Sisto Detective, San Fernando Police Dept.
 Danielle Sklyer Borders murder victim.
 Dimitri Slucheck Low level Russian mob associate.
 Joe Smith Bosch's undercover trainer.
 Lucia Soto Former Bosch partner from LAPD.
 Terry Spencer LAPD property clerk.
 Bob Tapscott Lucia Soto's partner at LAPD.
 Esme Tavbares Young mother who vanished.
 Lorna Taylor Haller's ex-wife and office manager.
 Donna Timmons Borders murder victim.
 Captain Trevino San Fernando Police Dept.
 Anthony Valdez Police Chief, San Fernando Police Dept.
 Vibina Veracruz An artist Bosch and Haller met.
 Kenneth Vincent Prescribing doctor for Bosch when undercover.
 Dennis Wojciechowski Investigator for Haller. Biker. aka: Cisco.
 Kathy Zelden Terry Spencer's lawyer.
 Eleanor   Bosch's ex-wife.
 Ivan & Igor   Name Bosch uses for Russian mobsters.
 Maddie   Bosch's daughter.