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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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CH1KittenMurphyThe lead character in Frances Ashley's book.
 Fay Kitten's nanny.
 FrancesAshleyA bestselling author.
 Aurora Meg's best friend.
 MeganAshleyFrances's daughter. Aka: Meg, Pip.
 Edgar Frances's agent and friend.
 DeliaMurphyKitten's mother.
2GraemeBarnishA married man who got involve with Megan.
3Paolo The doorman in Frances's building.
4AsaBlochFrances's new assistant.
 BenoĆ®tJaffeA French artist Frances's new husband.
 CarlCormleyA doctor. One of the guests in the hotel.
 BeverlyCormleyDr. Cormley's wife.
 Henrick One of the guests in the hotel.
 MissBolanHenrick's mother.
 Herb MurphyKitten's father.
6Susan EvelynDoucetteOne of Frances's fans.
 CappieStrongbowKitten's best friend.
7DorothyKitchensBlamed for murder of Kim baker. Aka: Doro.
 KimBakerA little girl who'd been found dead in the marsh.
 WilliamKitchensDoro's father. Aka: Billy.
8RankinLewisOwner of Rankin Lewis Literary Agency.
9MelissaGreenwaldAn editor.
 JuneStrongbowCappie's mother.
 Mike The ferry captain.
10Laila Doro's cook.
 Koa Doro's grounds guy.
11EstherTaftonDoro's housekeeper.
12EthanSaitoA ghost-writer.
13VeraBakerKim's mother.
14Burt Frances's tax attorney.
   Mico - The chief. The head of the tribe.
  TalbertsGuests at the hotel.
  Del RicciosGuests at the hotel.
  WalthinghamsGuests at the hotel.
17Samuel KitchensA general in the British army.
19Dr.LodiA doctor at St. Marys hospital.
21PeteDarnell Doro's friend.
 Neal Dwayne BakerKim's father.
22Jo Susan's aunt.
26DonDoucetteSusan's father.
 Millie Susan's mother.
29MiltonDarnellPete's father.
 Mrs.DarnellPete's Mother.
31George TinleyO'BrienFrances's former lover.
 Brian O'HanlonThe doctor in Kittens.
 VickyKitchensDoro's mother.
39LauraThomastonPete's wife.
45  Sint Holo - The horned serpent.
46Aiyana Meg's name given by her mother.