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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProJudith Henry's wife.
 HenryColdfieldA salesman.
 Thomas Judith and Henry's son. aka: Tom
 KarlMarxGerman philosopher.
 GrouchoMarxAmerican comedian.
 Rosa Judith's older sister.
 Mark One of Judith and Henry's grandchildren.
 Lilly One of Judith and Henry's grandchildren.
1SaraLintonA doctor.
 Cathy Sara's mother.
 MarySchnoderOne of the nurses at Grady Hospital.
 OttoKrakauerA doctor at Grady Hospital.
 FaithMitchellA special agent.
 Jeremy Faith's son.
 WillTrentA special agent.
 JeffreyTolliverSara Linton's husband.
 DeliaWallaceA gynecologist and endocrinologist
 AnnaLindseyA corporate lawyer.
 PhilSandersonAn orthopedic surgeon.
 Macon An X-ray technician
2AngiePolaskiWill's wife.
 Lola Angie's friend.
 AmandaWagnerThe deputy director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
 BarryFieldingA canine expert for GBI.
 FrancisFierroA patrolman.
3MaxGallowayA detective.
 RickSiglerA paramedic.
 JakeBermanOne who was at the scene of the crime.
 Evelyn Faith's mother.
 ZekeMitchellFaith's brother. An Air Force surgeon.
4CharlieReedAn Atlanta police.
 LylePetersonRockdale County's chief of police.
5PaulineMcGheeAn interior designer.
 Felix Pauline's son.
 Morgan Pauline's boss.
6LaciPetersonAmerican woman whose murder case was highly publicized.
 Natalee AnnHollowayAmerican woman whose disappearance made international news.
 Tessa Sara's sister.
 Bella Sara's aunt.
 JillMarinoOne of the ICU nurses.
 Sonny Mary's husband.
7Ted Faith's uncle.
 JacquelineZabelA realtor. aka: Jackie.
 GwendolynZabelJackie's mother. aka: Gwen.
 Big Pete A mule.
 DonnaKaranAmerican fashion designer.
 JimmyChooMalaysian Chinese fashion designer.
 Candace C.SmithJackie's acquaintance. aka: Candy.
 LeoDonnellyA homicide detective.
 Joelyn Jackie's sister.
 Hannah Candy's daughter.
8SamLawsonA reporter.
 VictorMartinezFaith's ex-lover.
 PeteHansonA medical examiner.
 CharlesNgHong Kong serial killer in United States detainment.
 LeonardLakeAmerican serial killer.
 Nancy A social worker.
9Snoopy Pete Hanson's assistant.
 Vivian A body builder.
10Caroline Amanda Wagner's assistant.
 Pauline AgnesSewardReal name of Pauline McGhee.
 Mark Tom's son.
 Darla Tom's wife.
11Beulah One of the witnesses.
 Edna One of the witnesses.
 WallaceO'ConnorOne of the witnesses.
 Gretchen Sam's wife.
13Betty Will's dog.
 TedBundyAmerican serial killer.
 RichardRamirezAmerican serial killer and rapist.
 AndreasVesaliusAn anatomist.
 Chuck Joelyn's lawyer.
14JoelRifkinAmerican serial killer.
 KennethBianchiAmerican serial killer.
 DavidBerkowitzAmerican serial killer.
 OliviaTannerWorked in a private bank in Buckhead.
 MichaelTannerOlivia's brother.
16DickWintersAn old cop.
 OtikSimkovA doorman.
17BalthazarLindseyAnna's son.
18Billy One of Sara's dogs.
 Bob One of Sara's dogs.
 Armando A deliveryman.
19TonyCampanaBaseball player.
21CalFinneySimkov's lawyer.
 Freddy Simkov's acquaintance.
22LydiaBermanJake Berman's wife.
 NickSheltonThe regional field agent for District 23.
 DonaldTrump45th President of the United States.
23OprahWinfreyAmerican media proprietor.
24Matthias ThomasColdfieldReal name of Tom Coldfield.
25AlexandraMcGheePauline's friend.
EpiLenaAdamsOne of Jeffrey's detectives on the Grant County police force.