Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.AgassuzMary Treat's acquaintance.
Mary AnningAn English paleontologist.
AmedeoAvogadroAn Italian scientist.
PhineasBarnumAmerican showman.
DanielBernoulliA mathematician.
ProfessorBowmanCutler's old friend.
RobertBoyleA philosopher.
Mrs.BrindleA cook.
ThomasBrowneAn English author.
DeeLouiseCameronWilla's acquaintance. Aka: Delouse.
Charles CampbellA town historian.
Mrs.CarruthUri Carruth's wife.
UriCarruthA newspaperman.
WillaCatherAmerican writer.
WillisChesterOne of Thatcher's pupils.
Mrs.ClarkA designer.
PardonCrandallThatcher's acquaintance.
NicolausCupernicusA mathematician.
ProfessorCutlerThatcher's employer.
WilliamDaggetAn inventor.
Charles DarwinOne of Mary Treat's friends.
LouiseDunwiddieA dance instructor.
OrvilleDunwiddieLouise's widowed father.
Mr.FoggetMary Treat's friend.
GalileoGalileiAn astronomer.
CervantesGarciaA bakery owner.
Dr.GarvinAn orthopedic surgeon.
Mr.GobyA janitor.
UlyssesGrant18th U.S. President.
AsaGrayOne of Mary Treat's friends.
ThatcherGreenwoodA science teacher.
ChristopherHawkWilla's acquaintance.
MissHirtsbergerFrench language teacher.
KeithJarrettAmerican jazz pianist.
Dr.JouleCalculated velocity of particles inside cloud of hydrogen gas.
JohannesKeplerAn astronomer.
EmmaKeurigFrank Keirig's wife.
FrankKeurigWilla's acquaintance.
GrandmaKnoxWilla's grandmother.
WillaKnoxA journalist.
FrankLaddOne of Thatcher's acquaintances.
CaptainLandisA real estate developer.
Mrs.LandisCaptain Landis' wife.
AntoineLavoisierA French chemist.
Antonie vanLeeuwenhoekA Dutch scientist.
JosephListerA British surgeon.
CharlesLyellA geologist.
MerrillLynchA financial advisor.
Mrs.MarberryThatcher's acquaintance.
Mr.MartiniA building contractor.
JohannMiescherA Swiss biologist.
Mr.NailbourneA music teacher.
Mr.NewcombOne of Joseph Treat's acquaintances.
Mrs.NewcombMr. Newcomb's wife.
IsaacNewtonA mathematician.
LouiePastureA French biologist.
Dr.PatelDusty's doctor.
SusanPearsonA historian.
Mrs.PersichetteGiovanna's mother.
GiovannaPersichettiOne of Thatcher's pupils.
 PertofaccioA contractor.
ClaraPetrofaccioA social worker.
ReverendPittingerA priest.
JosephPriestleyA great scientist.
FrancescoRediOne of the great innovators..
Charles ValentineRileyAn entomologist.
Dr.SaberwalNick's doctor.
Dr.SeussAmerican author.
Mr.StevensWilla's acquaintance.
Mrs. MertonStevensMary Tillotson's friend.
IanoTavoularisWilla's husband.
NickTavoularisIano's father.
TomThumbA circus performer.
Mary TillotsonOne who promotes the Dress Reform Convention.
JosephTreatAn assistant to medical men during the war.
MaryTreatOne of the best known woman scientist.
 VermeerA painter.
ProfessorWatsonLead research team addressing gastro-esophageal reflux.
ThomasWelchInventor of unfermented grape juice.
SamuelWilberforceA bishop.
HankWilburOne of Thatcher's acquaintances.
OrsonWillis American author.
VictoriaWoodhullA historian.
VirginiaWoolfA writer.
Aldus 1 Zeke's son. Aka: Dusty.
Aldus 2 Helene's father.
Antigone Willa's daughter. Aka: Tig, Antsy.
Aristoteles Tig's ex-boyfriend. Aka: Toto.
Artemisia Athena's daughter. Aka: Art.
Athena One of Iano's sisters.
Aurelia Rose's mother.
Avicenna A Persian polymath.
Beyonce American singer-songwriter.
Bob Iano's uncle.
Charybdis One of Polly's dogs.
Darcie Dreama's twin sister.
Delyse One of the nurses.
Dixie A dog.
Dreama Tig's aunt.
Erato One of Cervantes' daughters.
Etsy One of Willa's acquaintances.
Fred Thatcher's uncle.
Gay-Lussac A chemist.
Gino One of Iano's acquaintances.
Gracie A maid.
Gwendolyn One of Iano's students. Aka: Gwen
Helene Zeke's live-in-partner.
Irini One of Iano's sisters.
Jake Zeke's friend.
Jane A nurse.
Jemima Tigs aunt.
Jorge Tig's friend.
Jose Luis Jorge's brother.
Kendra One of Iano's acquaintances.
Lara One og Jorge's sisters.
Leverett Louise's brother.
Lita One of Iano's sisters.
Lorenzo Toto's father.
Lucia Toto's wife.
Marvel Rose's acquaintance.
Michael Zeke's friend.
Natalia Toto's mother.
Phoebe Charles Campbell's wife.
Pinterest One of Willa's acquaintances.
Polly Rose's sister.
Priya Zeke's friend.
Ptolemy A mathematician.
Rose Thatcher's wife.
Roula Nick's wife.
Scylla One of Polly's dogs.
Selma Mary Treat's assistant.
Sharon Michael's wife.
Sondra One of Jorge's sisters.
Takis Tig's cousin.
Tennyson A poet.
Terpsichore One of Cervantes' daughters.
Thalia One of Cervantes' daughters.
Thomas A lawyer.
Thoreau An essayist.
Troy One of Joseph Treat's acquaintances.
William Phoebe's cousin.
Yari Tig's friend.
Zeke Willa's son.