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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1JosephHalstedVienna detective. Detective in Laura Berg's case. Aka: Joe.
 MartinC. WagnerThe Serial Killer. Aka: Charlie, Lew, Darwin.
 Emily JeanDockeryThe FBI data analyst. Protagonist. Aka: Emmy.
 LauraBergOne of Charlie's victims.
2NoraConnolleyDeceased. Victim.
 NigelFlowersThe spokesman of New Orleans police department.
 DorianDockeryEmmy and Martha's mother.
4HarrisonBookmanEmmy's fiancé. Aka: Books.
 Petty A homeless man. Books' friend.
 WilliamMoriartyThe FBI director. Aka: Bill.
 Desmond Bill's head of security. Aka: Dez.
6RobertCrescenzoNew Orleans detective. Detective on Nora Connolley's death.
 Graham The arsonist.
8MaryConnolleyNora's daughter.
 SarahConnolleyNora's daughter.
 MichaelConnolleyNora's son.
10LeeHomerA special agent from FBI's tactical unit.
13NadiaJacobiusA reporter at Times-Picayune.
15DwightRossFBI director of criminal, cyber, response, and service branch.
 Lydia Emmy's co-agent.
 Denny Emmy's co-agent.
 Sophie Emmy's co-agent.
16CitizenDavidA domestic terrorist.
 ShaindyEcksteinThe writer for FBI's Citizen David's hunt.
17Dr.BakalisEmmy's therapist.
18Roberta Dwight Ross's receptionist.
 Carlton The FBI agent from national security branch.
 Sloan The FBI agent from criminal investigative division.
 Cobbs The FBI agent from science and technology department.
28BetsyMoriartyBill's wife.
33BonitaSextonEmmy's teammate in Citizen David case. Aka: Rabbit.
 EricPullmanEmmy's teammate in Citizen David case. Aka: Pully.
34ElizabethAshlandThe FBI's special assistant director. Aka: Lizzie.
35MichelleFontaineTom's partner.
 TomMillerMichelle's co-therapist. Charlie's therapist. Aka: Todd Crisman.
 Mrs.PersonOne of Tom and Michelle's patients.
 Mr.OakleyOne of Tom and Michelle's patients.
 Mrs.CoxleyOne of Tom and Michelle's patients.
37Mayday A homeless man. Aka: Marlon Mayberry.
43  TATP - Triacetone Triperoxide.
44Wilson The assistant special agent in-charge in Chicago.
 RonSimsThe security guard at Cash4u Quick.
 AliceJagodaThe utility at Cash4u Quick.
 Acevedo Alice's partner.
 McBride A CPD officer.
 NatalieCiomekA CPD officer.
 Gordon A CPD officer.
50Sperry Mayday's friend.
65OlympiaJanusThe FBI's forensic pathologist. Aka: Lia
66  COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
87AmeeCzernakThe top prosecutor.
97  CSLI - Cellphone Site Location Information.
   ALPR - Automatic License Plate Reader.
99Louise Tom's administrator.
101StevenMacdanielOne of Charlie's victims.
105RichRudneyThe lead agent on the forensic team.
117JordanSextonRabbit's son.
 MasonSextonRabbit's son.
118Mary AnnStoddardPetty's sister.
119Hendrick One of the FBI agents. Books' acquaintance.