Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProNoah A Biblical figure.
 GabrielWellstoneCassie's friend.
1PersephoneMcDowellOne of Donny McDowell's daughters. Aka: Sephie.
 CassandraMcDowellOne of Donny McDowell's daughters. Aka: Cassie; Cass.
 Mr.PattersonA biology teacher.
 CharlesBronsonAn American actor.
 Jin Cassie's aunt.
 Richard Cassie's uncle. Aka: Rich.
 KristyMcNicholAmerican actress.
 Mr.TAmerican actor.
 JohnnyCougarAmerican musician.
 ElizabethTaylorAmerican-British actress.
 Nellie BlyAmerican journalist.
 Martin J. SpaldingA professor in mathematics.
2DonnyMcDowellAn artist and a soldier.
3PegMcDowellAn teacher. Sephie and Cassie's mother.
 Betty The school secretary.
4Mrs.JanowskiThe principal.
 AramisBauerA police officer. Rammy.
 Mr.ConnellyThe band teacher.
5Mr.KinchelhoeAn English teacher.
 BobHopeAn English-American stand-up comedian.
 JaneAustenAn English novelist.
 Lynn Cassie's former best friend.
 Heidi Lynn's friend.
 LarryWilcoxLynn's crush.
 ErikEstradaCassie's crush.
 BobDukeLynn's friend.
 Luke Cassie's friend.
7RichardSchroderAn American actor and film director. Aka: Ricky.
 RickSpringfieldAn Australian musician and actor.
 RodneyDangerfieldAmerican comedian.
8HeatherCawlCassie's acquaintance.
 Evie Cassie's friend.
 Frank A transferee student.
 MarkClamchikEvie's acquaintance. Aka: Clam.
 RickyTinkOne of Clam's friends.
 WayneJohnsonOne of Clam's friends.
 CarolPuglisiA home economics teacher.
9Karl A bus driver.
 Mrs.TatarA chemistry teacher.
 GaryGoblinOne of Dowell's neighbors.
10HectorGomezOne of Dowell's neighbors.
 Mrs.SwensonOne of Dowell's neighbors.
 Sukarno Politician who was the first president of Indonesia.
11ArtieShawAn American clarinetist, composer, bandleader and actor.
 BennyGoodmanAn American jazz clarinetist and band leader.
 CharlieKlossCassie's acquaintance.
12Kristi Donny's acquaintance.
13Mrs.CunniffThe room monitor.
14Butch CassidyTrain and bank robber.
 Harry Alonzo LongabaughA member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch. Aka: Sundance Kid.
15Bonnie Heather's friend.
 Deter A German foreign exchange student.
16OliviaNewton-JohnAn English-born Australian singer, songwriter and actress
17Bimbo A cat.
 RichardDawsonBritish-American actor, comedian and game show host.
18David "King of Israel.
19John One of the boys who Cassie babysat.
 Kyle One of the boys who Cassie babysat.
 Kevin One of the boys who Cassie babysat.
 Junior One of the boys who Cassie babysat.
 SallyGomezHector Gomez's wife.
 Julia Sally's youngest child.
 Marie Sally's oldest daughter.
20Mrs.SmithOne who gave lecture about health care.
21Erica Cassie's classmate.
22BenjaminFranklinAmerican polymath - one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.
23Lee ArthurHorsleyAn American film, television, and theater actor.
 LauraHoltA private investigator played by Stephanie Zimbalist.
 StephanieZimbalistAn American actress.
 SonnyBonoAmerican singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and politician.
 Zsa ZsaGaborA Hungarian-American actress and socialite.
24TeddyMilchmanA student at Lilydale.
25CraigFraisDonny and Peg's old friend.
 Mary Lou Craig Frais' wife.
 Peter One of Frais' kids.
 Lisa One of Frais' kids.
 James Cassie's crush.
 Ray Mary Lou's acquaintance.
26RandyKleppertOne of the boys who had been molested.
 JimKleppertRandy's brother.
29AngieStrahanLynn's mother.
 Barb One of Lynn's friends.
 Andrea Lynn's cousin.
 Tanya Lynn's sister.
 Colby The star of the baseball team.
35AndreaThomasA science teacher.
 Liz Bauer's daughter.
 Cliffy Goblin's dog.
37Jim KendrumDonny's acquaintance.
40Albert The boy the Ingalls adopted.
45RebeccaAndersonA British journalist. Aka: Becky.
 Arnold FierroA suspect for molestation.
46Kent A police officer.
48FarrahFawcettAn American actress.
 Chaco Sephie's date.
57Mrs.WellstoneGabriel's mother.
58Mrs.DidierA social worker.