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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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2MayaAnderssonAna's best friend. Peter and Kira's daughter.
 Ana Maya's best friend.
 KevinErdahlThe star ice hockey player who raped Maya.
3PeterAnderssonThe general manager of Beartown ice hockey team.
 Ramona The owner of the Bearskin pub.
 KiraAnderssonPeter's wife. Maya's mother.
 LeoAnderssonMaya's brother.
 Amat A cleaner's son. The boy who saw the rape of Maya.
 Bobo A junior hockey player.
 Alicia A 4-year-old girl. An aspiring ice hockey player.
4WilliamLytKevin's former neighbor and best friend.
 MagganLytWilliam's mother.
6BenjaminOvichAn ice hockey player. Kevin's best friend.
 Sune The Beartown's A-team coach.
8Isak Kira's first born child. Deceased.
9RichardTheoThe Councilor.
 Hog Bobo's father.
 ElizabethZackellThe new Beartown's A-Team coach. Aka: The Stranger.
 Gaby Benji's sister.
 KatiaOvichBenji's sister. A bartender at the barn in Hed.
 AdriOvichBenji's oldest sister.
 AlainOvichBenji's father.
10Fatima Amat's mother.
 Ann-Katrin Bobo's mother. Hog's wife.
11TeemuRinniusAdri's friend. The leader of a violent gang called The Pack.
 Spider Adri's friend. Teemu's best friend.
12Holger Ramona's ex-husband.
13Zacharias Amat's best friend.
 Lifa Amat's best friend.
 Tails The tall supermarket owner.
15VidarRinniusTeemu's younger brother.
19Jeannette A young teacher at Beartown. Adri's friend.