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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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PRSir JohnConroyVictoire's special friend and comptroller.
 AlexandrinaVictoriaProtagonist. Young Queen of England. aka: Drina.
 King WilliamIVDrina's uncle. Old King. Aka: Uncle King, King George IV.
 QueenAdelaideKing George's wife.
 Victoire Victoria's mother. aka: The Duchess of Kent, Marie Louise.
 Lehzen Victoria's governess.
 Lady FloraHastingsConroy's Lady-in-Waiting.
 Dash Victoria's dog.
 Dr.ClarkRoyal doctor from London.
   Book 1
1Brodie Hall boy.
 Queen Anne Woman in painting with disappointed face. Queen of Regnant.
 Queen Mary Former Queen. Deceased.
 Jenkins Victoria's dresser.
 Edward Victoria's father. Duke of Kent. King George III's brother.
 Ernest Victoria's uncle. King of Hanover. Duke of Cumberland.
 TheArchbishopVictoria's minister.
2Williamof OrangeQueen Mary's husband.
3JaneConroySir John's daughter.
4WilliamLambPrime Minister of Great Britain and Ireland. aka: Lord Melbourne.
 EmmaPortmanLord Portman's wife. William's friend.
 LordPortmanEmma's husband.
 King GeorgeIIIVictoria's grandfather. Kent and King George's father.
 PrincessCharlotteKing George III's only legitimate grandchild. Deceased.
 Mrs.JordanMother of King George's 10 children.
5LadyCarolineLord Melbourne's wife. aka: Caro.
 LadyByronLady Caroline's former husband.
 Mrs.NortonWoman who's involved with Lord Melbourne.
6Penge Steward.
7RobertPeelLord Melbourne's companion. Leader of tories in Commons.
 Wellington Duke of Wellington.
8Mrs.FitzherbertKing William's wife. Deceased.
10Leopold Victoria's uncle. Victoire's brother.
 PrinceAlbertVictoria's cousin.
 PrinceErnstVictoria's cousin.
11HarrietSutherlandFashion leader. Mistress of the Robes.
 Lord AlbertPagetVictoria's equerry.
15Philippe Royal hairdresser for special occasions.
 Skerrett Mrs. Jenkins's assistant.
 Alexander The grand Duke.
16JamesClarkThe court physician.
18LordRolleElderly peer.
   Book 2
1Sir MosesMontefioreLord Mayor.
 Hayter Artist.
2Lydia Prostitute.
 Mrs.FletcherOwner of a nunnery.
5Frau RachelDrexlerVictoire's dresser.
6ElizabethTudorA Queen Victoria admired.
 Mr.FrancatelliVictoria's pastry chef.
 DanielTaylorMrs. Wilkins's son.
 Mrs.WilkinsThe Vicar's wife.
 Eliza The smallest member of the choir.
 JamesAbercrombieSpeaker of the house of Commons.
 GeorgeHayterFellow of the Royal Academy.
   Book 3
2Leopold I King of the Belgians.
 MadameSt. LaurentEdward's former mistress.
 FrauSieboldVictoire's midwife.
 Alexanderthe EmperorVictoria's grandfather.
 Louise Leopold's sister-in-law. Ernst and Albert's mother.
 Frederica Ernst's wife.
 GeorgeCambridgeErnst's nephew.
 Adolphus Ernst's brother.
4Mrs.HadlowHarriet's maid.
5Hedges Butler.
9FrauMullerThe Mayor's widow.
 Mary Queenof ScotsA Queen who married 3 times.
   Book 4
1Mr.SeguierKeeper of the Queen's picture.
 Lohlein Prince Albert and Ernst's valet.
2RowlandHillAn official from the postal service.
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