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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   The Previous Tenant
1RuneEliassenAlec's father.
 MarcusJetty Runs the Greenstone Salvage and Tinker.
 PaulKoskinenA neurologist.
 TomBeemanA sportswriter.
 Genghis A raccoon.
 VirgilWanderThe City Clerk.
 Orry Virgil's sister.
 AlecSandstromA baseball pitcher.
2Nadine Alec's wife.
 Bjorn Nadine's son.
3KateWilseyVirgil's friend.
 RonJenksA baseball catcher.
 IvanMaitlinA broadcaster.
4Julie Margaret's sister.
 Margaret Owned the Agate Café.
 LaniePlumeA girl who sold eyeglasses to Virgil.
 Kyle Lanie's boyfriend.
 Dinesh Orry's husband.
 AnnFandeenVirgil's officemate.
 ShadPeaA businessman.
 Marty Shad's brother.
 LilyPeaShad's daughter.
5LydiaFatzThe Greenstone mayor.
 AdamLeerA film maker.
 SpurlockLeerAdam's father. Founder of Greenstone.
 Richard Adam's older brother.
 Madeline  Richard's girlfriend. Aka: Maddie.
 Mrs.LeerSpurlock's wife.
 SimoneBlaiseAdam's first wife.
 Christine Adam's ex-wife.
 JerryFandeenAnn's husband.
 GalenPeaLily's little brother.
 CurtisMenlowA boy who had a car accident.
6Beth Virgil's acquaintance.
7BetsyShaneA bakery owner.
 Rita Dr. Koskinen's secretary.
8Sofie Rune's wife.
 DonLeanA sheriff.
 Darla Beema's wife.
10Gretchen Rune's twin sister.
 Roberta A teacher.
 Arne Rune's uncle.
11LouChandlerA certified flight instructor.
14Maria Shad's wife.
 DeputyStumboA sheriff.
   The Bottle Imps
1ArnoldMarkeyA retired school bus driver.
3Celeste Dr. Koskinen's wife.
 Soc A great surfer.
4ClarenceBenedictA plumber.
6RufusDelaneyA professor.
 Jeffrey Orry's friend.
7Mazy Worked at Duluth's paper mill.
9LucyDuFrayneAdam Leer's first cousin.
 Roger Don's cat.
 Marcie Don's ex-wife.
   Maximum Ceiling
1BarrettBeckerA veteran councilman.
 Ernie A former congressman.
2VeraNessOwner of a bowling alley.
 LesterBillingA proprietor of Shipwreck tavern.
 ConnieSwaleTom Beeman's new girlfriend.
 EllenTrippBjorn's friend.
3FergusFlintA lawyer.
 Celia Fergus's wife.
 Chevy A businesswoman.
4Oliver Lydia's grandson.
7Owen Jerry's brother.
8Bleeck A florist.
9Mr.SaddiqBjorn's teacher.
   Great Wide Open
1JosephineSaylesA barista.
2WilliamPlateOne who sold the Empress.
 DestinPlateWilliam's cousin.
5AmandaNelsonA teacher.
6Soren Rune's father.
8FridaLaPlantA reporter.
14Dale One of the troopers.