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1 Temple Grandin Narrator and Author.
Laurent Motton A psychiatrist and researcher in cognitive neuroscience.
Sylvie Belleville Mottron's colleague.
E.C The patient that Mottron tests.
Charles Fernyhough Director of 'Hearing the Voices' project.
Graham Hitch A psychologist.
Gabriela Koppenol-Gonzales A psychologist and data analyst.
Linda Silverman A psychologist at the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development.
Simon Baron-Chen Director of Autism Research Centre at Cambridge.
Grace Murray-Hooper A computer science grad and mathematician.
Mitchell Glickstein One of the discoverers of the visual context.
Francesco Gennari One of the discoverers of the visual context.
David Ferrier One of the discoverers of the visual context.
Tatsuji Inouye One of the discoverers of the visual context.
Paul Broca The French surgeon who discovered unique roles in different parts of brain.
Carl Wernicke A Polish neurosurgeon.
Gustav Fritsch Surgeon who discovered what part of brain produces voluntary movement.
Eduard Hitzig Surgeon who discovered what part of brain produces voluntary movement.
Eric Courchesne Temple's doctor.
DTI - Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Walter Schneider The inventor of DTI.
HDFT - High Definition Fiver Tracking
Sue Hyun Lee A neuroscientist at National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland.
Mortimer Mishkin A neuroscientist.
Kazuo Nishumura A Japanese neuroscientist.
Roger Sperry The American neuroscientist.
Camillo Thoas Gualteri A child psychiatrist.
Matthew Whitaker The boy who was born premature.
Charles Limb A doctor who studies in neutral networks in artist and musician.
Maria Kozevnikov A lecturer at Harvard Medical School.
Maria Jose Perez-Fabello The leader of scientists in Spain.
Tim Hoffler The lead scientist who studies eye-gaze patterns of object visualizers.
Richard Panek Temple's co-author of The Autistic Brain.
Elon Musk A well-known billionaire.
Ashlee Vance Elon Musk's biographer.
Ji Young Cho A scientist who studies about visual thinking skills.
Joori Suh Cho's colleague.
Adam Zeman A neurologist who discover the Aphantasia.
Patient MX Adam's patient with Aphantasia.
D.F Marks The developer of VVIQ.
Rebecca Keogh A researcher in New South Wales.
Joel Pearson Keogh's colleague.
Michelle Dawson Mottron's colleague. Autistic.
Kasia Chawarska A doctor in Yale Child Study Center.
Brad Halsey The originator of innovation boot camp.
August Kekule A chemist.
Mike Sutton A science writer.
Drew Feustel An astronaut.
2 Mr. Patriarca Temple's teacher.
Nikhil Goyal The author of School on Trial.
Lily Eskelsen-Garcia The President of National Education Association.
Otha Thornton The President of National Parent-Teacher Association.
Maria Siemionow A transplant surgeon.
Kate Murphy A New York Times reporter.
Andrew Hacker A political scientist.
Emily Hanford The author of Solve's bigger match problem.
Christopher Edley Jr. The former Dean of University of California
Paul Lockhart A mathematician.
Margaret Donaldson A professor of developmental psychology.
Jean Piaget The influential thinker and child psychologist.
James McGarigle Donaldson's colleague.
Angeline Lillard The woman who studied play in preschool children.
Michael Rosholm A Danish researcher.
Pepe Cuenca A professional chess player.
Tracy Goodson-Espy A professor and researcher at Appalacian State University.
NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Progress.
David Driscoll Chair of National Assessment Governing Board.
PISA - Program for International Student Assessment.
Howard Gardner A developmental psychologist.
NCES - National Center for Education Statistics
Katherine Johnson A gifted child.
Daniel Koretz A professor at Harvard American College Test.
Leonard Baird Professor of education policy.
Karen Arnold An assistant professor at Boston College.
Julie Lythcott-Haims Associate vice provost at Stanford University.
Kelly Lambert A researcher.
Debra Moore The author of Navigating Autism.
IDEA - Individuals with disabilities education act.
3 Elias Howe The inventor of sewing machine.
Orville Platt A Connecticut Senator.
Charles Mitchell The commissioner of patents.
Eli Whitney The inventor of cotton gin.
Cyrus McCormick The inventor of reaper.
Samuel Colt The inventor of six-shooter pistol.
Eugene Ferguson An engineer and historian technology.
Henry Ford A car manufacturer.
Richard Ernst A swiss chemist.
FFA - Future Farmers of America.
Michael Malin The inventor of Perseverance - mars rover.
Ivan Rosenbrod The man who works the mars rover's tiny gear that turns the camera.
Thomas Robins The first man to submit a patent.
Lynn Margulis A biologist at Boston University.
Bob Williams The astronomer responsible for the Huble deep field image.
Karla Fisher An Intel manager who was dianosed with Asperger's syndrome.
Randy Lewis A senior vice president of supply chain and logistics.
Robert Austin The man from an Ivy Business School.
Gary Pisano The man from Harvard Business School.
Dan Burger The man who was featured in 60minutes.
Lisa Pixley The owner of PrintCraft.
Robert Root-Bertstein A physiologist at Michigan State University.
Angela Duckworth One of the parents that Temple interviewed.
Brian Jacob Brookings Institution reporter.
Tamar Jacoby A journalist.
Clio Chang An author.
Noel Ginsbug A Denver manufacturer.
John Hickenlooper Colorado Governor.
Francesco Pesci The CEO of Brioni.
Antonio De Matteis The CEO of Kiton.
Jason Aldrich A Georgia State University assistant dean.
4 John Purves Temple's grandfather. A civil mechanical engineer.
Haig Antranikian Purves's grandfather.
Elemer Sperry The man who developed gyrocompass.
Eustacia Cutler Temple's mother.
Richie Marindin Purves's colleague.
Lennox Beach Pruves's colleague.
Sigurd Varian Employee of Sperry Corporation who has Asperger's trait.
Russell Varian Russell's brother.
Foster Burton Temple's colleague
Mike Nielsen Industrial design professor. A member of Temple's committee.
Jim Uhl Temple's colleague. One of Temple's important mentors.
Mark Adams Jim's employee.
Paul Belantor A man who works at Experiment Station Shop.
Sara Hendren A design researcher at Olin College.
Walter Gropius A German architect.
David Cropley A researcher from the University of South Australia.
James Kaufman Cropley's colleague.
William Le Baron-Jenney The father of modern skyscraper.
Andrew Saint A journalist.
Gustave Eiffel The architect of the Eiffel Tower.
Maurice Koechlin Eiffel's colleague.
Stephen Sauvestre Eiffel's associate.
Jose Fernandez A Hollywood designer.
Gwynne Shotwell Elon Musk's right-hand woman.
Kim Kastens A researcher at Columbia University.
ILC - International Latex Corporation.
Nicholas De Monchaux A historian.
Hal Lining A computer scientist.
Donald Fraser Temple's colleague.
Betsry Lerner Temple's editor.
Edward Rolnick The author who writes about Rosetta Stone.
Jean-Francois Champillion The man who solved the puzzle of Rosetta Stone.
Clive Thompson The author of coders.
Richard Rogers A composer.
Oscar Hammerstein A lyricist.
Elizabeth Holmes The founder of Theranos.
5 James Mackenzie Thomas Edison's mentor.
Franklin Leonard Pope One of Thomas Edison's mentors.
Frank Dyer A biographer.
Thomas Martin A biographer.
Harley Blume A journalist.
John Nash A scientist who made a significant contribution to game theory.
Curt Moore Professor at Oklahoma State University.
Matt McFarland A Washington post journalist.
Peter Thiel The founder of Paypal.
Mark Zuckerberg The creator of Facebook.
Steve Silbrman The author of Neurotribes.
Bernard Rimland A research psychologist.
Uta Frith A researcher who helped advance the theory about autism.
Francis Galton A polymath
Harvey Kliman The lead author of the study about developmental abnormalities.
Kevin Mitchell Associate professor at Trinity College.
Thomas Bouchard Jr. A psychologist at the University of Minnesota.
Orjan De Manzano A researcher.
Gerit Anne Linneweber A researcher.
John P Hegarty A scientist at Stanford University.
D.A Treffert A specialist in epidemiology of ASD.
LesLie Lemke Treffert's savant patient.
Michelangelo A great artist.
Muhammad Arshad A psychiatrist in the U.K.
Michael Fitzgerald A psychiatry professor at Trinity College.
Ascanio Condivi Michael Angelo's contemporary.
Paolo Giovio One of Michael Angelo's biographers.
Domenico Ghirlandaio One of Michael Angelo's mentors
Lorenzo De Medici One of Michael Angelo's mentors
Joseph McBride Spielberg's biographer.
Helen Boden CEO of British Dyslexia Association.
6 Eleanor Gibson A psychologist at Cornell University.
Richard Walk Gibson's colleague.
James Webb The inventor of Space telescope.
Thomas Ban A professor at Vanderbilt University.
William Hines A scientist from Lawrence Berkeley National Library.
Elisabeth Bik A Dutch microbiologist.
Douglas Hubbard An author.
NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board.
David Barstow An investigative reporter in the New York Times.
David Rohde Barstow's colleague.
Brad An assistant from publishing company.
William Langewiesche The journalist who writes about the Boeing crash.
Chelsey Sullenberger The pilot who successfully landed a plane on Hudson river.
MCAS - Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.
Naohiro Masuda A site superintendent at Fukushima Dani Station.
Jonathan Reiner A cardiologist.
David Silver A journalist.
7 Jessie Peissig A scientist at California State University.
Shigeru Watanabe A scientist at Keio University.
Dana Cataldo A scientist from University College London.
Erica Hill An author.
Eyal Halfon A scientist from Tel Aviv University.
Randy Barkai Halfon's colleague.
Michel De Montaigne A humanist philosopher.
Rene Descartes A French philosopher.
William James A 19th century philosopher.
Humphrey Primatt A reverend.
Jeremy Bentham English philosopher
APSCA - Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Anna Sewell The author of Black Beauty.
Henry Bergh A reformer.
Happy An elephant who was sent to Bronx Zoo.
Grumpy Happy's child.
Konrad Lorenz A pioneer of Ethology. A Nobel prize winner.
Nikolaas Timbergen Lorenz's colleague.
Karl Von Frisch Lorenz's colleague.
Charles Henry Turner A black scientist.
Cwyn Solvi A researcher from the University of London.
B.F Skinner One of the most influential psychologists in the 20th century.
Keller Breland An animal specialist.
Marian Breland Keller's wife.
E.O Wilson A biologist.
Michelle Redinbaugh A professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin
Martin Stacho A scientist.
Aaron Kucyi A Canadian researcher.
Karen David Kucyi's colleague.
Gordon Gallup The psychologist who developed the MSR.
MSR - Mirror Self Recognition.
Joshua Plotnik A Hunter College Professor.
Diana Reiss Plotnik's colleague.
Michael Lewis Director of the Institute for the Study of Child Development.
Frans De Waal A life-long advocate for the recognition of animal emotion.
Jaak Panskepp A neuroscientist.
Gregory Burns A neuroscientist.
Joseph Le Doux A neuroscientist.
Alan Shewmon A researcher from UCLA Medical Center.
Alexandra Klein A researcher from Max Planck Institute.
Jonathan Birch A scientist from London School of Economics.
Alexandra Schnell Birch's colleague.
Nicola Clayton Birch's colleague.
Jennifer Mather A comparative psychologist.
Craig Foster A naturalist.
Bud Williams A cattle whisperer.
Burt Smith A cattle whisperer.
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