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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   PART I: Faith Plantation, Barbados 1830
1CatherineMacCauleyA plantation worker. Aka: Big Kit.
 Gaius The house porter.
 Immanuel A helper.
 Emilie A housekeeper.
 EramusWildeThe overseer.
2Nawi Big Kit's true name.
 Edward One of the workers.
 Elizabeth One of the workers.
 James One of the workers.
 Cosimo One of the workers.
 Adams One of the workers.
 William One of the workers.
3GeorgeBlackA manservant. Aka: Wash, George Washington Black.
4Maria A cook.
 ChristopherWildeMaster Erasmus' brother. Aka: Titch.
 John WillardExecuted for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.
5Richard BlackTitch's uncle.
6Mary The field worker.
7IsaacNewtonAn English mathematician.
 TomThibodeauAmerican basketball coach.
 Jorge Titch's acquaintance.
8Philip Erasmus' cousin.
 James MadisonOne of the workers. Aka: Black Jim.
 RenĂ© A driver.
 ReneDescartesFrench philosopher.
 Immanuel KantPrussian philosopher.
 Emiliedu ChateletFrench philosopher.
 FeliciaBlackOne of Philip's acquaintances.
 Cornelius BlackOne of Philip's acquaintances.
 Amelia Titch's aunt .
10Esther A kitchen slave.
 James WildeTitch and Erasmus' father.
11Samuel Titch's good friend.
 Dr.QuinnErasmus' acquaintance.
 PeterHouseJames Wilde's assistant.
 Eugenio A new helper.
   Part ll Adrift 1832
2BenediktKinastThe ship's captain.
 Mr.SlippA crew.
 TheoKinastThe ship's surgeon.
 George ll King of Great Britain and Ireland.
3EdgarFarrowTitch's great friend.
 John FrancisWillardA slave catcher.
4Adam One of the runaways.
 Exekiel One of the runaways.
5MichaelHollowayCaptain of the vessel.
 JacobIbelHolloway's assistant.
 Mr.MacBaneA navigator.
 Agnes Mr. MacBane's sister.
6Hesiod A servant.
   Part lll Nova Scotia 1834
2JosephCrawfordOne of Wash's aliases.
3MedwinHarrisWash's friend.
4TannaGoffWash's acquaintance.
5VivianHatcherWash's ex-girlfriend.
 Mrs. BlastOne of Wash's customers.
 Raymond GrimesOne of Wash's customers.
 JamesSmithOne of Wash's customers.
6Geoffrey M.GoffTanna's father. A marine zoologist.
 Miranda Mr. Goff's younger sister.
 HenriettaLemieuxOne of Mr. Goff's sisters.
 JudithGoffOne of Mr. Goff's sisters.
10Aristotle A Greek philosopher.
   Part lV England 1836
3Mr.WolcottWash's acquaintance.
 Mrs.WildeTitch's mother.
5RobertSolanderTitch's great friend.
 MariaCunitzA field worker.
 Eleanor Ann Maria Cunitz's daughter.
 EleanorGandvilleA field worker.
 Maria Clara Eleanor Gandville's daughter.
6PeterHaasPeter House's son.
7KeesVisserMr. Goff's colleague.
 Mr.SaundersMr. Wolcott's son-in-law.
8Eliza A cook.
 Mr.HorneOne of Henrietta's suitors.
 Mr.DoverHenrietta's boyfriend.
 AdeleLemieuxOne of the ladies from England.
 MarthaLemieuxOne of the ladies from England.
 MargaretLemieuxOne of the ladies from England.
9LouisHazzardA prisoner.
11Sunshine Tanna's uncle.
Washington Black suggested by Gail Hanson and Ruth Waite