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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Sybilla Thrace   Flanagan   Jonathan's wife. aka: Billie/Elizabeth Smith/Sparrow.
    Jonathan   Flanagan   Senior editor. Olive's father.
    Olive       Billie's daughter. aka: Bean.
    Rita       Billie's teacher.
1   Ming       Tracy's friend.
    Tracy       Olive's classmate.
    Natalie       Olive's best friend.
    Mrs.   Santiago   School counsellor.
    Jenny       Jonathan's sister.
2   Katrina       Tracy's mother.
    Jeff   Freels   An agent.
    Harmony       Billie's best friend.
    Mrs.   Gillespie   Vice-principal.
    Jean   Bursh   Jonathan's lawyer.
    Marcus       Jonathan's best friend.
    Catsby       Olive's cat.
3   Gizmo       Olive's one-legged parakeet.
    Meredith   Albright   Family therapist.
    Miss   Chang   Olive's math teacher.
4   Sidney   Kaufman   Billie's ex-boyfriend. aka: Maverick.
    Sean       Harmony's boyfriend.
    Slavic       Waitress.
5   Mrs.   Templeton   Owner of a shingled house.
    Isaac       Boy who kissed Olive.
6   Calvin   Lim   Private investigator.
    Mr.   Morley   Detective.
7   Sharon   Parkins   Psychic.
    Manuel   Alvarez   Man found dead under abandoned mattresses.
    Fred   Politsky   Detective.
8   Max   Planck   Physicist.
9   Rose   Thrace   Billie's mother.
    Annie       Olive's grandmother.
    Margareta       Floor attendant.
10   Cheryl   Lutz   Billie's friend.
    Henry       Cheryl's son.
11   Dr.   Fishbein   Neurologist.
13   Sofia   Drumm   Arrested for tax fraud.
    Jane       Emma's friend.
    Emma       Billie's close friend.
    Trudy       Emma's friend.
14   Desi       Jonathan's former investigative assistant.
    Elliot       Jonathan's publisher.
    Vincent   Sparto   Sidney's co-conspirator.
15   Pangolin       Sidney's buddy.
16   Ryan   Ratliff   Olive's sister.
17   Dominique       Club president.
18   Mrs.   Dalloway   Bookstore owner.
    Didi       Ryan's aunt.
19   Alexia       Olive's new friend.