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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProGrady One of the Circus's flyers. Jacob's friend.
 Barbara A circus performer. Marlena's friend.
 AlanBunkelThe ringmaster. Aka: Uncle Al.
 Lottie The aerialist. Marlena's friend.
 MarlenaRosenbluthAugust's wife. A circus performer.
 Rosie August's new elephant.
 DiamondJoeThe head horse honcho. Aka: Crazy Joe.
1Hazel Jacob's companion in a nursing home.
 JosephMcGuintyA retired lawyer.
 Doris Jacob's co-patient at the hospital.
 Norma Jacob's co-patient at the hospital.
 Rosemary Jacob's nurse.
2CatherineHaleJacob's classmate.
 Edward Jacob's roommate.
 WillardMcGovernJacob's professor.
 Mr.WilkinsThe dean at Jacob's school.
 E.JankowskiJacob's father.
 EdmundHydeThe bank's lawyer.
 Mr.McPhersonA man who accidentally kills Jacob's parents.
 HenryWinchesterJacob's schoolmate who dropped out.
 AlistairBarnesA boy whose father shot himself in the head.
 ReginaldMontyA boy who tried to live by his car.
 BuckyHayesA boy with an unemployed father who simply wandered off.
 Blackie Camel's friend.
 Camel A man who introduced Jacob to the circus.
 Bill Camel's friend.
3Will Camel's circus co-worker.
 Charlie Jacob's circus co-worker.
 BigBerthaThe ringling. Jacob's boss.
 Ezra One of the circus workers.
 Cecil Camel's friend. The sideshow talker.
 Jimmy One of the circus boys. Jacob's co-walker.
 Wade One of the circus boys. Jacob's co-walker.
 LovelyLucinda885-pound girl circus performer. Aka: The Human Ostrich.
 FrankOttoThe world's most famous tattooed man.
4Earl A man who took care of Jacob in circus.
 AugustRosenbluthMarlena's husband. The Equestrian director.
 Kinko Jacob's circus co-worker. Aka: Walter.
5Dr.RashidJacob's doctor.
 Pete Jacob's co-worker.
 Queenie Kinko's dog.
 SilverStarMarlena's favorite horse. The lead horse in the liberty act.
 BuckJonesThe circus cowboy.
 CharlesM. LivingstonA world famous circus performer.
 Rex The circus tiger.
 Leo Another circus tiger.
 Clive The man who handles the cat in menagerie.
 Otis Jacob's circus co-worker.
8SimonJankowskiJacob's son.
 PeterJankowskiJacob's son.
 JosephJankowskiJacob's son.
 DinahJankowskiJacob's daughter.
 RuthJankowskiJacob's daughter.
10Nell Barbara's friend.
11Bobo One of the circus horses.
12GrzegorzGrabowskiCamel's friend. A circus pole. Aka: Greg.
15Boaz Silver Star's predecessor.
16Isabelle Jacob's granddaughter.
19IpphyBaileyJacob's co-patient at the hospital.
20Albert Marlena's friend.
23Dick The bullman at Nesci Brother's circus.
24CharlieO'Brien IIIJacob's new friend. A man who works on circus.