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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part I
1Mustin A protector in Wayward Pines.
 DavidPilcherA Billionaire inventor. Geneticist.
 EthanBurkeWayward Pines's Sheriff.
 Abby A dangerous creature that David created.
2Miranda Barista at the Steaming Bean.
 Philip A coffee shop regular.
 Clay A coffee shop regular.
 BelindaMoranEthan's secretary.
 TheresaBurkeEthan's wife. Town's sole realtor.
 Marcus Ethan's escort.
 AdamHasslerSeattle Special Agent. aka: Tobias.
 KateHewsonEthan's ex-partner. Wanderer leader. Aka: Kate Ballinger.
 PeterMcCallEditor-in-Chief of The Wayward Light.
 TedUpshawDavid's head surveillance tech.
 Mr.PopeDavid's predecessor.
 HecterGaiterDavid's pianist.
 BenjaminBurkeEthan's son.
 JenniferRochesterEthan's next door neighbor.
 Pam David's ally.
3AlyssaPilcherDavid's daughter. Deceased.
   The Wanderer - People who removed their microchips.
5Alan The man in the morgue.
6MeganFisherTheresa's friend.
 BradFisherMrs. Fisher's husband. Ben's teacher.
7Javier David's collector.
 ElisabethPilcherDavid's wife.
   Part II
9Donna The girl in Ethan and Ted's surveillance camera.
 Margaret A creature from Cage 9.
 WayneJohnsonA suspended resident. A new arrival in Wayward Pines.
 HaroldBallingerKate's husband.
   Golden Family - A household that removed their microchips.
   Part III
18BradleyImmingKate's ally.
 NancyFisherBrad's wife in the real world. aka: Nance.
19Tim David's assistant.
20Dr.MiterThe doctor who inserts the microchips on the residents.
   Part IV
23Beverly Deceased woman who was executed on fete.