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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProSissyRadleyThe missing girl. Deceased.
 Dubois The former chief of police.
 MarthaMayThe minister's daughter. Sissy's best friend.
 Walk Protagonist. Aka: Chief Walker.
 VincentKingWalk's close friend. Sissy's killer.
 StarRadleySissy's sister. Walk's best friend.
   Part One
 Milton The butcher.
 DickieDarkeThe real estate guy.
 RobinRadleyDuchess's brother. Star's son.
 DuchessRadleyRobin's sister. Star and Vincent's daughter.
2BrandonRockThe Radley's neighbor.
 RickyTallowRobin's acquaintance. Leah's son.
 NateDormanDuchess's childhood neighbor.
3LeahTallowThe dispatcher.
 AliceOwenWalk's neighbor.
 Hutch The school principal.
4Cuddy The warden.
 SkipWheelerVincent and Walk's acquaintance.
 AndrewWheelerSkip's brother.
 MissDoloresThe kindergarten teacher.
 CassidyEvansDuchess's classmate.
6Noah Robin's classmate.
 Mason Robin's classmate.
 DeeLaneOne of Darke's tenants.
 OliviaLaneDee's daughter.
 MollyLaneDee's daughter.
7ErnieCoughlinVincent's acquaintance. A hardware store owner.
 Kendrick The doctor.
   Part Two
11HalRadleyDuchess and Robin's grandfather.
 MaggieDayStat and Sissy's mother.
12KipDanielsA reporter.
 LouanneMillerWalk's colleague.
 EttaConstanceMilton's companion.
 Boyd The detective in charge of Sissy's murder case.
13ThomasNobleThe boy who likes Duchess.
 Dolly The girl that Duchess befriended.
14Agnes Hal's friend.
 AnnieClaversThe girl that Logan murdered.
 DavidYutoThe man who'd done the autopsy of Sissy's body.
16Ed TallowLeah's husband.
17MissChildRobin's teacher.
 FelixCokeVincent's former lawyer.
18Rhodes The court judge.
 EliseDechampsThe D.A.
 BudMorrisThe man that Star dated.
19Tyler The boy who bullied Robin.
 Duke The school principal.
22JulietaFuentesA bar dancer. The mother of Darke's son.
 Layla Julieta's colleague.
 MaxCortinezJulieta's ex.
 MosesDuprisDarke's neighbor.
24Mrs.NobleThomas's mother.
 Gaylon Tyler's brother.
25Bill Doll's father.
 JamesMillerA paid assassin.
26Cally A clothing shop owner.
 Luis A prisoner.
27BillyRyleOne of Duchess's schoolmates.
 ChuckSullivanOne of Duchess's schoolmates.
   Part Three
29Shelly A social worker.
 HenryPriceThe price's son.
 Mary LouPriceThe price's daughter.
31WilliamDangsA bank robber.
 TanaLegrosA police tech agent.
32Eicher Martha's acquaintance.
 Madeline Darke's daughter.
 KateDarkeDarke's dead wife.
34Carter A trial lawyer.
 Peter Lucy's wife.
 Lucy Peter's husband.
36Claudette The woman who runs the Youth Guidance Home.
 KellyRaymondMary Lou's friend.
 RickTideKelly's cousin.
37ElisseDechampsThe district attorney.
38GracieKingVincent's mother.
40Kurt Magda's husband.
 Magda The woman who gives Hal's ashes to Duchess.
41Busy Hank's wife.
 Hank Busy's husband.
   Part Four
46ColtenSheenStar and Walk's acquaintance.
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