Characters - Alphabetical
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ReneeAdoreeOne of Rafal and Genek's classmates.
WladyslswAndersThe new commander-in-chief of the Reformed Polish Army.
GundulaBackerMila's employer.
Herr CartyBackerGundula's husband.
Dr.BaumVictor's physician.
GeneralBorPolish military leader.
EvelynBrentOne of Rafal and Genek's classmates.
BarbaraCedranskFelicia Kajler's name in the convent.
Luis Martinde SouzaBrazil's ambassador to France.
Herr GeraldDenHalina's new employer.
AdamEichenwaldA man who rented one of Kurc's room.
Dr.FrydmanA dentist.
AlbertGorskiOwner of the house. Aka: Pan Gorski.
HerrHahnA jail officer.
Addy AbrahamIsrael KurcA singer; composer. Aka: Addy.
GeneralJuinLeader of the French Expeditionary Corps.
IzaKremskiMila's name as a maid.
FatherKrolChurch Bernardine's priest.
GerszonKurcAddy's brother. Aka: Genek.
Dr.LevenhedHalina's supervisor.
MadameLowbeerEliska's mother.
OfficerMeierThe foreman.
 NovitskiOne of the French soldiers.
Sgt.O'DriscollThe one who gave chocolates to Felicia.
 PawlakThe commanding officer.
HerrRichterA guard.
Mrs.SalingerKurc's family friend.
GeneralSikorskiHead of the Polish military.
 SlobodaOne of the French soldiers.
HenrykSzeryngPoland's violinist.
FredTatarBella's uncle.
GetulioVargasBrazil's President.
PrivateWojtekThe most popular member of the Polish II Corps.
 ZamoraSpain's ex-President.
 ZiemsbinskiA director and actor.
Abram Caroline's father.
Ala Addy's cousin.
Aleksandra The landlord's wife.
Alsina French ship.
Anna Bella's youngest sister.
Anton Kurc's neighbor.
Antonia Mila's friend.
Bartek One of the French soldiers.
Bella Jakob's girl friend.
Betz A cell guard.
Caroline Jonathan's friend.
Cyrus One of the French soldiers.
Daniel Anna's new husband.
David Sol's brother.
Dembouski A doctor.
Dorota A maid.
Edgar Gundula's son.
Edith A seamstress.
Edward One of Caroline's brothers.
Eliska Addy's friend.
Emilia One of the girls in the convent.
Estia A maid.
Eugenia Sol's sister.
Felicia Mila's daughter.
Franka Halina's cousin.
Gabriela Addy's friend. Aka: Gabi.
Gerszon Sol's father.
Ginna Caroline's friend.
Gustava Henry's wife.
Haganauer An Alsina's passenger.
Halina Addy's youngest sister.
Henry Bella's father.
Herta Genek's girl friend.
Isaac A Jewish police.
Ivona Rafal's wife.
Jakob Addy's brother.
Jonathan Addy's friend.
Josef Herta's son. Aka: Ze
Julia Herta's friend.
Jurek Mrs. Salinger's nephew.
Kara Ivona's friend.
Karl An old man.
Kathleen Addy's daughter.
Liliana Nechuma's close friend.
Lola Herta's sister.
Lorena Eliska's best friend.
Marta Albert's wife. Aka: Pani Gorski.
Michel Herta's son.
Mila Andy's eldest sister.
Moshe Franka's father.
Mussolini Hitler's ally during the war.
Myriam Mila's Hebrew name.
Nechuma Addy's mother.
Otto Julia's husband.
Padlo Army cook.
Penkus A Jew who took Halina's coat.
Piotr Jakob's Polish friend.
Rafal Genek's friend.
Raoul Addy's acquaintance.
Ricardo Adam's son.
Robert In-charge of the incoming telegrams.
Romanov A guard.
Roza Marta's sister.
Ruben A Polish police.
Sabine Franka's friend.
Salek Franka's brother.
Sarah A cow.
Sebastian A writer.
Selim Mila's husband.
Simon Daniel's brother.
Sol Nechuma's husband.
Sylvia Halina's old schoolmate.
Taylor One of Caroline's brothers.
Terza Sol's sister.
Tomek A wagon driver.
Tymoteusz Emilia's father.
Venable One of Caroline's brothers.
Victor Jacob's son.
Virginia Caroline's best friend.
Wilhelm A guide.
Willie Addy's acquaintance.
Wolf Adam's acquaintance.
Yoffe A rabbi.
Yulien Franka's acquaintance.
Zachariasz Marta's son.
Zigmund Herta's brother.