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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProWoodrowNickelThe narrator. aka: Woody, Woodrow Wilson.
1  New York Harbor
 Cuz Woodrow's third-cousin's boss.
 RubeGoldbergAn early twentieth-century American cartoonist.
 DapperDanAmerican fashion designer.
 BelleBenchleyThe first female zoo director.
 RileyJonesThe man in-charged of the giraffes.
 AugustaRedA young journalist.
 Lionel AbrahamLoweA reporter.
 Earl A driver.
 Greasy Woodrow's acquaintance.
2  In Athenea
 MargaretBourke-WhiteAmerican photographer.
 AmeliaEarhartAmerican aviator.
 EleanorRooseveltFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Beaulah A witch.
 EdwardBeanChicago's Brookfield Zoo director.
 Rosie Woodrow's acquaintance.
3  Across New Jersey and Delaware
 AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
4  Across Maryland
 Hawkeye A frontiersman back in colonial days.
 FenemoreCooperAmerican writer.
 ClarkGableAmerican film actor.
7  Over the Blue Ridge Mountains
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
 Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
8  Into Tennessee
 Moses Woody's new acquaintance.
 Mr.JacksonFather of the clan that owns cottages. aka: Big Papa.
 Honey Bee Mr. Jackson's little girl.
 Annie Mae Honey Bee's mother.
9  Across Tennessee
 Percival T.BowlesOwns a traveling circus.
 John D.RockefellerAmerican business magnate.
12  Across Texas
 NedNickelWoody's father.
13  Into New Mexico
 Cooter Gas station owner.
14  To Arizona
 Dr.HarryFounder of the Zoo.
 Marconey A galoot.
16  Home
 Augie Ann Red and Lionel's daughter.
 Lofty A boy giraffe.
 Patches A girl giraffe.
 CyrusBadgerA new zoo keeper.
 Mabel A paymaster.
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