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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Isabella StoneProtagonist. Aka: Izzy.
 JoyceStoneIzzy's mother. Deceased.
 PegBarrowsThe museum curator. Izzy's foster mother.
 MaryRoteThe first patient of Willard Asylum.
 HarryBarrowsThe Art Director of the State Museum. Izzy's foster father.
2Bella Clara E.CartwrightOne of the protagonists.
 WilliamCartwrightClara's older brother. Deceased.
 Henry EarlCartwrightClara's father.
 RuthCartwrightClara's mother.
 Julia Clara's friend.
 Mary Clara's friend.
 Lillian Clara's friend.
 BrunoMorettiSon of a shoemaker. Clara's boyfriend. Aka: Joseph Russo.
 Joe The drunkard who kissed Clara.
 RichardGallagherHenry's business partner.
 JamesGallagherClara's fiancĂ©.
3Mr.HudsonIzzy's teacher.
 Ethan BlackIzzy's friend and classmate. Aka: Raven Boy.
 LukeAndersonOne of Izzy's classmates.
 ShannonMacKenzieEthan's girlfriend.
 Crystal Shannon's friend.
 Alexandra Izzy's new friend. Aka: Alex.
 Dave Shannon's friend.
4Dr.ThornClara's doctor.
 McCarn Clara's nurse.
 Yott McCarn's co-nurse.
 Mr.GlenThe man who took Clara to Willard Asylum.
5PeterBlackPeg and Harry's friend. Ethan's father.
 Lucy Ethan's dog.
6Dr.RoachThe doctor at Willard Asylum.
 RitaTrenchOne of the nurses at Willard Asylum.
9Mr.DefoeEthan and Izzy's teacher.
10Dan The orderlies in charge at Willard.
 Richard The orderlies in charge at Willard.
 Stanley Clara's co-patient. Stanford.
 Esther Clara's co-patient.
 Madeline Clara's co-patient.
 LawrenceLawrenceThe grave digger at Willard.
13Beatrice E.MorettiClara and Bruno's daughter.
 Dr.SladeClara's ob-gyne.
 MissMasonThe woman from Children's Aid Society.
14Kim Alex's friend.
 Fin Alex's friend.
 Jackie Alex's friend.
 Dave Ethan and Izzy's classmate.
 Bryan Ethan and Izzy's classmate.
 Paul Ethan and Izzy's classmate.
16Matilda The old laundry woman.
23Renee Rita's nurse.
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