Characters - Alphabetical
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JamieAltmanHeather's childhood sweetheart.
MikeBagleyFairfax Gazette editor.
JeffBaumgartenMiriam's boss and lover.
Mrs.BaumgartenJeff's wife.
DaveBethanySunny and Heather's father.
FeliciaBethanyDave's mother. Aka: Florence Bethany.
HeatherBethanyOne of the Bethany girls.
MiriamBethanySunny and Heather's mother. Aka: Miriam Toles.
Sunshine BethanyOne of the Bethany girls. Aka: Sunny.
TillieBinghamDave's neighbor.
Priscilla BrowneOne of Heather's aliases. Aka: Syl.
GloriaBustamanteDefense attorney.
Anthony Julius DunhamStan's son. Aka: Tony.
IreneDunhamStan's wife.
StanDunhamRetired police sergeant.
JoeFlemingThe owner of San Miguel de Allende's shops.
Mrs.ForrestOne of Kay's neighbors.
ArthurGoodeConvicted child murderer who was electrocuted in Florida in 1984.
PattyHearstAmerican author and actress. Kidnap victim.
CameronHeinzOne of Heather's aliases. Aka: Ketch.
Mary RoseHennesseyA thirty-five-year employee of the Fairfax Gazette.
RaymondHertzbachStan's lawyer.
KevinInfantePolice detective. Aka: Kev.
PenelopeJacksonTony's girlfriend.
Mrs.KogerHeather's sixth-grade teacher.
RuthLeibigOne of Heather's aliases.
HaroldLenhardtPolice sergeant.
Mrs.LenhardtHarold's wife.
DonaldLeonardHertzbach friend.
Mr.MadisonBus driver.
LyleMaloneOne of Sunny's schoolmates.
JohnMartielliSunny and Heather's dentist.
 McGovernOne of Sunny's schoolmates.
Barbara MonroeOne of Heather's aliases. Aka: Barb.
AaronParrishTony's neighbor.
EtanPatzA boy who disappeared on his way to his school bus stop.
RoyPincharelliSunny's music teacher.
AndyPorterNancy's husband.
NancyPorterKevin's former partner.
MissRigbyOne of Joe's customers.
Dr.SchumeierResident psychiatrist.
LisaSteinbergMurder victim.
WallaceStevensAmerican modernist poet.
KaySullivanSocial worker.
LymanTannerPerson of interest.
WayneTolliverInspector from the Brunswick fire department.
EstelleTurnerSunny and Heather's maternal grandmother.
HerbTurnerSunny and Heather's maternal grandfather.
AdamWalshA boy who was abducted from a Sears department store.
MissWandaOne of Dave's neighbors.
Chester V.Willoughby IVRetired cop. Aka: Chet.
YvonneYepletskyTanner's neighbor.
Benny One of the previous owners of Dave's store.
Beth Heather's friend.
Bill One of Five Minutes in Heaven players.
Bud Heather's blanket.
Cynthia One of Kay's neighbors.
Debbie One of Kevin's flings.
Eleanor Florence's cat.
Elsie Hardware store counterwoman.
Evelyn Willoughby's wife.
Felix A cat.
Fitz Sunny's imaginary friend.
Gordon One of the previous owners of Dave's store.
Grace One of Kay's children.
Javier Joe's employee.
Jeffrey One of Five Minutes in Heaven players.
Jessica A girl in Texas who fell into a well.
Kathy One of Five Minutes in Heaven players.
Patty Kevin's second wife.
Pepper Dave's employee.
Randy The Swiss Colony manager.
Rose One of Miriam friends.
Sally Estelle and Herb's daughter.
Seth One of Kay's children.
Susan One of Fairfax Gazette's employees.
Sylvia The name Randy thought was Syl's real name.
Tabitha Kevin's ex-wife. Aka: Tabby.
Terrie Nursing aide.