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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Alice MaryLoveA woman who lost her memory for the last 10 years.
 NickLoveAlice's husband.
 Elisabeth Alice's sister. aka: Libby.
 Frannie Alice's grandmother.
 JaneTurnerAlice's lawyer.
 Mr.GillespieP.E. teacher.
2SueMasonAlice's boss.
 Maggie Alice's friend.
 Chloe Madison's classmate.
 JeremyHodgesA psychiatrist.
 Mrs.BergenAlice's neighbor.
 Kevin A paramedic. Aka: George.
 Layla Elisabeth's assistant.
 MadisonLoveAlice's older daughter. Aka: Sultana.
3Dr.San ChappleAlice's obstetrician.
 Ben Elisabeth's husband.
4Mrs.LoveNick's grandmother.
 MichaelBoyleA registered physiotherapist. Gina's husband.
 Annabelle Nick's personal assistant.
5Phil Frannie's fiance.
 Xavier Frannie's friend. Aka: Mr. Mustache.
 Rita A girl who had dimentia.
 Dora Nick's older sister.
 OliviaLoveAlice's youngest daughter.
 TomLoveAlice's son.
6GinaBoyleAlice's bestfriend.
7Dean Elisabeth's ex-boyfriend.
8Ella Nick's sister.
 Whatsie Alice's aunt.
9BarbaraJonesAlice's mother. Aka: Barb.
 Andy The boy who had a bicycle accident.
 Sandra One of Barb's acquaintances.
 Roger Nick's father.
 Kathy A receptionist.
10Sarah I A nurse.
11Richard Alice's ex-boyfriend.
12George One of the sandstone lions.
 Mildred One of the sandstone lions.
13KateHarperAlice's friend.
14DominickGordonThe school principal.
15Melanie One of Alice's acquaintances.
 Sam Kate's husband.
 Anne-Marie Elisabeth's friend.
 Kerry An egg cell donor.
 Sarah II Elisabeth's acquaintance.
 MarianneEltonA netball team coach.
 JonathanKnoxxMarianne's husband.
 Madeline Marianne's daughter.
 Felicity One of Barb's acquaintances.
16Bev Frannie's friend.
 SophieDrewAlice's friend.
 Jasper Dominick's son.
17Harry Tom's classmate.
21Mrs.HollowayThe deputy principal.
22MattieMarksAn old student.
23Mrs.BuckleyTom's teacher.
 Bruno One of Tom's classmates.
 Alistair One of Tom's classmates.
 Luke Alice's personal trainer.
 Dino Coffee shop's owner.
24Jack Sophie's boyfriend.
25Bill Maggie's husband.
 Nora Alice's friend.
 Amelia Olivia's classmate.
 Clara Olivia's friend.
26Billy Ella's son.
32Eloise Gina's daughter.
 Rose Eloise's twin sister.
 Narelle An instructor.
 AnneRussellKerrie's mother.
 Kerrie Tom's classmate.
33Megan Nick's girlfriend.
34Francesca Rose Elisabeth's daughter.
EpiPete Madison's boyfriend.
 Jess Xavier's granddaughter.