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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Christine P. LudlowStephen's wife. Protagonist. Aka: Christy Lynn.
 Mr.StanleyA police sergeant at Clear Harbor Police.
 StephenLudlowChristine's husband. A best-selling crime author.
 DanielConnellyStephen's drinking companion. A detective.
 Ryan The attendant at the morgue.
2Gary Stephen's agent.
3Hone RoseRawlingsWas found dead in Stephen's car. Aka: Jane Doe.
 Mr.DorseyA funeral owner.
4Mrs.KendrickChristine's English teacher.
 Charlene K.ParkerChristine's mother.
5WadePierceAn aspiring journalist. Stephen's former roommate.
 Justin Wade's friend.
 GlenHoytA top crime beat writer. Wade's colleague.
 Killian Wade and Glen's editor.
 Simone Wade's ex-wife.
6MissyBeckOwner of the Fife and Feather. Christine's landlady.
 RustyNailChristine's acquaintance.
 QueeniePetersonOwner of the restaurant called Cork and Cleaver. Missy's friend.
 Rena A stylist.
7DarSettersA man who runs a new age shop.
 NathanBeckMissy's son.
 ChristianBeckMissy's son.
 Marco Missy's boyfriend.
8LindaNeelyChristine's friend.
12CarolBoyerOwner of a little café called Crooked Spine.
16Tamara Dar's new barista.
 Aileen Tamara's co-worker.
18GraysonPierceWade's grandfather. Aka: Grady.
20CaptainBillingsThe head of the office of the public affairs.
21Derrick Charlene's former live-in partner.
23LorettaRawlingsHoney's granddaughter. Aka: Retta.
24IrisRawlingsStephen and Honey's daughter.
25TheresaRawlingsHoney's mother.
 RayRawlingsHoney's brother.
 AaronRothmanA movie director.
26EllenRawlingsRay's wife.
27DennisHawleyA man who runs a receiving home where Christine formerly lived.
 JeanHawleyDennis's wife.
 Dana Christine's former roommate.
28Hank Missy's cousin.
29PeterHaganStephen's lawyer.
35RobertVanceThe main character in Wade's book.
41TinaGibsonA cheerleader at Riddlesville High School.
 DougSimpsonTina's boyfriend.
43TerryBlevinsA man who raped Christine.
 ToddBlevinsTerry's brother.
45Roger Charlene's current live-in partner.