Characters - Alphabetical
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BryanAdamsCanadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer.
BryanAdamsCanadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer.
Malikal-BashadRania's acquaintance,
Mrs.al-DeebA hospital supervisor.
Baytal-HikmaBaghdadi caliphs.
Madamal-HouriAdnan Nawab's acquaintance.
Principalal-QudsThe principal at New Baghdad High School.
AbdulAmirHuda's husband.
DavidBoweA character actor in American movies and television.
George H. W.Bush41st President of the United States.
George W.Bush43rd president of the United States.
MariaCallasAmerican-born Greek operatic soprano.
MarcChagallRussian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin.
Amr DiabEgyptian singer.
NancyDrewA teenage amateur detective solving mysteries in her small town.
PeterFrancisAlly's friend.
HassanGhraibAn artist.
ProfessorHafezHuda's neighbor.
AmiraHindawiHuda's acquaintance.
ImamHusaynGrandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
SaddamHusseinServed as the fifth president of Iraq.
UdayHusseinThe eldest son of Saddam Hussein.
YusraHusseinBridget's friend.
AbuIssaA secret police officer.
MonaKarimOne of the other beautiful village airheads.
GunterKopsThe director of the German Cultural Centre.
RaniaMansourHuda's former friend.
RupertMurdochAustralian-born American media mogul.
AbuNasserA photographer.
AdnanNawabAn old poet.
MIriamPachachiAn sculptor.
LeePingThe Chinese chargé d'affaires.
MarcoPoloVenetian explorer and merchant.
AugusteRodinA French sculptor.
KingShahryarPersia's unforgiving ruler.
JohnTravoltaAmerican actor, dancer and singer.
JohnWalesA journalist.
AllyWilsonTom Wilson's wife.
TomWilsonDeputy Ambassado at the Australian embassy.
OprahWinfreyAmerican media proprietor.
Ahmed Kareem's brother.
Ali One of Huda's brothers.
al-Kitab A bookstore owner.
Amal Farouk's wife.
Bakr Khalid's friend.
Barbara One of Ally's acquaintances from aerobic class.
Bashir Rania's friend.
Basil Rania's friend.
Ben One of Hanan's friend.
Bridget Alley's mother.
Cher American singer-songwriter and actress.
Daphne A British nurse.
Faisal Abu Issa's partner. aka: Bolt Cutter.
Farouk Miriam Pachachi's brother.
Ghada One of Hanan's friend.
Ghassan A security guard.
Hala Rania's cousin.
Hanan Rania's daughter.
Hashim Rania's husband.
Hatim A freelance taxi driver.
Hatim A taxi driver.
Hela One of Hatim's daughters.
Huda A secretary at the Australian embassy.
Inez One of Ally's acquaintances from aerobic class.
Kareem One of Basil's acquaintances.
Khalid Abdul and Huda's son.
Michelangelo Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet.
Mohammad A newspaper vendor's son.
Muna Rania's aunt.
Mustafa Khalid's uncle.
Mustafa One of Huda's brothers.
Naseem One of Basil's acquaintances.
Raed One of Basil's acquaintances.
Raghad Rania's mother.
Rami One of Basil's acquaintances.
Robert Alley's father.
Ruby One of Hatim's daughters.
Rumi Sufi and Persian poet.
Saadi The concierge at Rashid Hotel.
Sami One of Basil's acquaintances.
Sara Ally's cousin.
Scheherazade Female character and a narrator in The Thousand and One Nights.
Scheherazade Main character and a narrator in The Thousand and One Nights.
Usher American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor.